How 5G is Powering Online Casino Business


The casino industry has experienced a major breakthrough ever since the introduction of online gambling. Gaming enthusiasts have welcomed this experience with open arms and are eager to see new developments that will enhance both their enjoyment and their chances of winning.

Apart from constant innovations connected to the games directly, such as the graphics and design, there are other technological wonders to look forward to. Recently, we have witnessed the emergence of a 5G network in telecommunications. The 5th generation standard for broadband cellular networks made its debut worldwide in 2019 with promises of connecting virtually everyone and everything, machines, objects, devices, with higher multi-Gbps peak data speeds, more reliability and availability and massive network capacity.

In the world of online casino business, the 5G is expected to bring an increase in the number of both placed bets and bettors. Let us take a look at what else awaits an avid player using the 5G network.

What has been holding us back?

A stable internet connection is a must when it comes to placing real-time bets. Only a second’s delay can mean a huge difference in odds or even missing out on a great opportunity. This is exactly why many refrain from placing real-time bets; the risk is much larger with the possibility of the connection breaking at a crucial moment. In some games, these connectivity glitches can cause more damage, in some less. In slots, video gambling games, or live table games, for instance, internet speed issues may prove to be more serious. Games such as these have complex graphics and audio features whose display uses a lot of data. The connection speed that cannot keep up inevitably discourages the players. With 5G, we are free from lags and freezing.

Stress-free live games

As technological advances in the industry grow and expand, so do the player’s appetites. The live online casino trend is gaining popularity at lightning speed. Games like roulette and blackjack are run by live-action and take place in specially designed studios decorated as gaming rooms. With real dealers present, the action is digitized and directly streamed to computers or mobile devices. Needless to say, if you feel that there’s even a slight chance your internet speed may hold out on you, you’ll be more inclined to pass on this unique symbiosis of digitalization and a real live casino experience.

This is where 5G comes in. Since we turn to our mobile phones rather than computers for entertainment, it will mean that we would definitely be able to enjoy such graphically demanding experiences completely stress-free. Not only that, but there will be a much wider choice of games available that have up to that point been managed solely on computers.

Payments and increased traffic

Operators of online casino establishments should be prepared for the 5G forthcoming revolution. Since the prognosis is that a large part of their target audience will be moving to mobile devices, they would be well advised to optimize their websites for such usage. Safe payment methods have always been a concern of many, and the integration of secure mobile-friendly payment processors is obligatory. Card payments are still among the most popular casino payment methods, but eCash and digital wallets are slowly catching up. Apart from that, the last year has witnessed a rising number of customers opting for cryptocurrency payments which have become an option of many online gambling sites. 

All these perks 5G is sure to bring about will definitely result in more interest and, therefore, more traffic to casino websites. Safeguards and other technical features that allow a greater number of visitors will be most welcome, not to mention making sure that the site itself runs flawlessly. A slow-responding website on a super-fast connection is sure to make players turn to rival websites.

Smartphones will bring a better user experience

As we have already mentioned, mobile phones and tablet devices are already the preferred means of playing casino games. Smartphones are ceaselessly developing, and they are more convenient than desktops or laptops, allowing players to enjoy their favorite pastimes on the go. However, the functionality of powerful mobile machines largely depends on the stability of the internet connection, so it is only natural that, when these two aspects are finally merged, there will be a significant rise in the number of players.

Not only will players be more likely to bet more on mobile platforms after the introduction of 5G, but they will also be more prone to betting on different, new markets. As such, mobile gaming is bound to expand, and 5G is sure to give an exceptional boost to the whole online casino gaming industry.

The final word

A strong connection such as the 5G will bring in more players but also allow operators to invent and develop high-tech games integrated with virtual or augmented reality, which will bring a whole new dimension to the gaming experience. All that said, it seems that the 5G network will bring nothing but good tides both to the casino game players and game providers. The fifth generation will certainly be a game-changer for the online casino industry.