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5G Network Innovations

Right before the pandemic started, rumors of 5G telecommunication networks launching surfaced. By now, all US carriers have launched their respective 5G telecommunications networks. You’re probably wondering what it means and how to make use of it. 

If you’re already well-versed in everything telecommunications, this article might be a little too basic for you. However, 5G is probably going to provide new jobs, and you should think about advancing your career. Go on, start buying LinkedIn endorsements because professional networking is the best way to get a new job. 

What Is 5G 

It’s the fifth generation of broadband cellular networks, the latest technology that boasts a greater bandwidth and, of course, faster downloads. Most of us have no idea what that means, except that we are going to speed up our connections and the 5G sign shows on our phones. 

The technology involves a higher frequency than usual, but we won’t get into the technical details about how 5G works. 

However, you should know that 5G comes in three types (low, medium, and high band). The US has decided to go for low and high, but it seems that the medium band is the best option. 

What’s Changed?

Let’s get one thing straight: 5G is fast. Reports show that it is about 100 times faster than 4G. For the average user, however, scrolling through the apps and websites currently prevalent, it is a negligible difference.

The speed difference won’t be observable until a few years from now when applications and websites develop that are used at 5G speeds. Much the same way Snapchat and Uber were only launched years after 4G came out. So don’t be in a hurry just yet. 

5G Uses

At the moment, you might be thinking a faster download speed is only important when you’re streaming or playing online games. There are many more uses for 5G technology beyond that. 

One major use for 5G is that it will make high-speed internet installation in homes massively easier. It will also make online storage more accessible because downloading will be instantaneous. Think of how many times you’ve saved a file on a USB flash drive even though it’s right there in your Google Drive.

5G And Safety

One of the strangest COVID-19 conspiracy theories that circulated in 2020 was its relation to 5G networks. If this thought crossed your mind, don’t fret. The radio frequencies used by 5G (low, mid) are not new and have actually been in use for years. 

What about high-band 5G? If it sounds too close to microwaves and feels dangerous, don’t worry. It isn’t a stronger radio frequency but the opposite entirely. Your clothes, your skin, or anything really can block our high-band 5G radio frequencies.

The Future

There is still more to be developed in 5G technology, and we can’t foresee everything. One thing we can be sure of: software developers will surely find some creative way to make 5G an essential part of everyone’s life. However, it seems that’s still years away.