GENBAND: Powering Innovations in Real-Time Communications


Focused around its approach of enabling real time communications and driving network evolution solutions – GENBAND is betting big on technologies such as NFV to help its customers do more with less.

Sanjay Bhatia, VP of Solutions Marketing, GENBAND speaks with Zia Askari from about the company’s upcoming innovations and how it is looking at enabling greater customer experiences for its global customers.

As operators move towards an era of data driven networks, how can your organisation help CSPs, operators do more with their existing network infra?

Given our laser focus on enabling real time communications and network evolution solutions with voice, chat, messaging, video and collaboration, we can help service providers make their networks more agile and business efficient with our NFV solutions while providing them the ability to offer new innovative services with our Kandy cloud platform that can be easily “bolted” the service provider networks or cloud to provide new communications based services.

What kind of market innovations can we expect from GENBAND in the coming months?

GENBAND continues to innovate and provide market-leading solutions to our global customers. Some new innovations include solutions for Enhanced Voice Services (EVS) media interworking and transcoding solutions with NFV for 4G VoLTE networks.

EVS is a relatively new 3GPP standardized codec that offers ultra-high definition quality voice as well as network bandwidth efficiencies and savings for 4G mobile service provider networks.

On the cloud communications front, we have begun offering embedded Real Time Communications for IoT solutions for service providers providing the “Human Element” for IoT.

We are also offering exciting messaging and chat bot applications with cognitive capabilities for applications such as contact center etc.

Today most of the operators strive towards gaining network resiliency while providing more meaningful coverage to their customers… How can Genband help in this direction?

GENBAND’s DNA includes carrier-class and highly resilient network solutions to operators. We are known globally for providing carrier class solutions at high scale and we continue to make carrier class the key underpinning of all our offers including our NFV Telco cloud solutions as well.

Globally as well as in India, it is only about delivering great customer experience while maintaining lower costs of ownership for operators… How do you look at this as an opportunity..?

Customer experience is a key area for us, and in fact we’ve been recognized with a number of awards on that front. Our Kandy cloud communications solutions includes tools that help our customers deliver a great experience to their end users while our network solutions help operators reduce their network operational costs while enabling them to increase the ARPU via the rapid development and deployment of innovative services.

Please share details on some of your latest customer wins…. ?

We’ve had a number of compelling wins announced in 2017 already, which cover our NFV, cloud and Network Transformation solutions – for instance our recent deployments with du and Crown Point Telephone Company.