ROADS to Digital Transformation: How Huawei is Reinventing the Network Fabric


By Zia Askari |

As a leading global enabler on modernizing telecom infrastructure, Huawei is paving the way to enable true next gen customer experience while, becoming a big catalyst in Digital Transformation of telecom ecosystems with the help of its ROADS strategy.

ROADS stands for Real time, On-demand, All-online, Do it yourself and Social – all these are the most important areas of user experience and Huawei firmly believes that this will become the primary driving force for transformation for both end-users and industry. Huawei is ready with its innovations to address this.

Elaborating on Huawei’s present priorities and ROADS, Chandan Kumar, Director, Marketing and Integrated Solutions, Huawei India, explains, “We are focusing on three domains. Firstly, it is about connecting the unconnected, so along with operators and all other stakeholders, we are working on that domain because when we talk about connecting the unconnected, we are focusing on rural areas and second is how to utilize the existing infrastructure and also the quality of service as it is important for India’s ranking in the broadband index or if it is about overall user experience as that is how we keep our customers in business through high quality service. Thirdly, it is about addressing the modern users need where there are several aspects which we define as ROADS which stands for  Real time, On-demand, All-online, Do it yourself and Social.”

It is all about reinventing the network fabric and this is exactly what Huawei is doing to enable operators embrace tomorrow’s network transformation in a smooth manner.

“In order to provide ROADS experience the existing network need to transform their network fabric end to end. So we are working on that expect where video can be part of the ROADS experience. Also, we are working on the network transformation toward cloudification and cloudification is a step towards 5G, because if your network is not cloudified and digitazied, you cannot have 5G network,” he added.

Keeping in mind the growing importance of delivering the right customer experience for a telecom operator, Huawei believes that ROADS must become central to a carrier’s business model while deploying new products and services.

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