Europe’s RETN Deploys Ciena 800G to Drive Capacity

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RETN, an international network service provider, recently deployed Ciena’s solutions to accommodate recent rapid increases in network traffic.

Ciena’s 800G technology supports important paths in the RETN Eurasian network, connecting key points in Central Europe between Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Hamburg, where high availability of services and low latency are essential for applications such as content delivery, OTT services and video streaming.

RETN deployed Ciena’s Waveserver® 5 – powered by WaveLogic 5 Extreme – to deliver 100GbE and 400GbE interconnectivity to address growing requirements for bandwidth-hungry services and applications, while optimizing costs.

Leveraging its existing architecture and Ciena’s 800G solution, RETN has achieved the highest standards of network performance and service quality, offering efficient network utilization (up to 800 Gbps per lambda), lower latencies, enhanced security and reliability of services.

In addition, Ciena’s Manage, Control and Plan (MCP) domain controller is helping RETN improve network monitoring and management by using automation features and operational diagnostics to proactively identify and prevent potential connectivity challenges. This adds additional flexibility to support RETN’s short delivery time, quick upgrades and ongoing service standards.

“As one of the fastest growing independent service providers, we have seen our network experience immense growth over a very short time frame. Today we are transporting record amounts of data. Our European network core alone has 19Tbps capacity. Investing in our network by deploying Ciena’s industry-leading solutions and experience as a pioneer in the optical market has enabled us to improve fiber spectrum efficiency and better support the needs of modern economies and businesses for fast, reliable and secure interconnection services in an increasingly demanding market,”
said, Ilya Nikishin, CTO, RETN.

“RETN has established itself as a leader in delivering international data transmission services. With WaveLogic 5, RETN can address network scale, cost and efficiency challenges, while forging a path to fuel our increasingly digital-driven lives,” explained, Jamie Jefferies, Vice President and General Manager of EMEA, Ciena.