Disruptive Telecoms Report Gives Critical Insights on 5G, NFV & Digital Enablement


This is a unique report where leading telecom players speak on evolution of 5G, NFV and how Software Driven Telecoms will Drive future of Communications

As we move ahead, more and more telecom operators and CSPs are giving importance to software driven networks, applications and hence – year 2017 will be the year when we see fast emergence of ‘software driven everything’ in the telecom world.

Disruptive Telecoms Report can be accessed online by clicking this link.

With a large number of NFV trials going on – more and more telecom operators are set to take advantage of NFV, SDN and cloud to increase their network agility and compete with OTT players in a better manner.

The year 2016 saw a lot of hype and ground level development around carrier virtualization and has given huge promise to enable telecom agility and hence, the year 2017 will see greater push towards realization of software driven approach to virtualise network infrastructure.

Year 2017 will see more and more service providers start putting all the pieces together to enable flexible network infrastructure that will strengthen their service delivery capabilities as well as enhance customer experience to greater levels.

Year of Virtualization!

Year 2017 might very well be the year of virtualization – the promise of virtualization brings improved operating flexibility while lowering capex and operating expense for the operators and as operators embrace virtual functions – their ability to faster roll out of services will increase many fold.

Year 2016 was the time when most of the operators waited and watched how various OTT players utilized their network infrastructure to enable great user experiences – year 2017 will see greater number of operators and CSPs become ‘application providers’ and roll out disruptive innovations in this direction.

2017 Wireless Predictions

Year 2017 will see 5G field trials to be conducted in India for the time, paving the way for a new era of wireless revolution. This year can pave the way for confluence of IoT and new age communication infrastructure.

Smart Cities Enablement

With major governments going after ensuring development of smart cities – the segment can finally provide huge benefits to citizens. Technologies such as surveillance and IoT will play a critical role towards enabling smart cities.

The government of India alone has a target of developing 100 smart cities – this will herald a new paradigm of digital enablement and create huge number of opportunities for businesses and consumers.

Industrial IoT Gaining Momentum

Year 2017 can be the year when we see industrial IoT getting shape in various global markets. This segment will become hugely important and enable connected society. In such a scenario there will be IoT driven seamless communication around critical systems in vehicles of all types, including cars, buses, planes, etc. Automakers will be looking for ways to manage vehicles’ connectivity securely and reliably.

Whether it is NFV, SDN Industrial IoT or 5G applications, year 2017 holds great promise in terms of creating a perfect platform for operators and CSPs in order to enable greater number of opportunities towards profitability and also towards helping them utilize their existing network infrastructure in a better manner.