Delta Air Lines Pilots Upgrading to AT&T 5G and iPad Pro

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Delta Air Lines is extending its commitment to next-generation connectivity, together with AT&T Business and Apple. Delta is upgrading all pilot electronic flight bags (EFB) —one of a pilot’s tools for use in pre-flight management tasks and processes — to the new iPad Pro, powered by Apple’s M1 chip and 5G.

This comes on the heels of Delta’s recent commitment to equipping all of their flight attendants with iPhone 12 and 5G in April this year.

Delta will also use the AT&T IoT Global SIM and AT&T Control Center to provide pilots a seamless device experience, helping them manage and troubleshoot the devices in over 200+ countries.

Why is this important?

Delta continues to have an eye on the future of air travel and the flying experience as both airlines and travelers return to the skies.

The pilot’s role spans far beyond what happens at 30,000 ft. Flight data and aircraft load information are essential for every trip and delivered directly to each pilot’s EFB. Today, EFB apps on iPad are custom-built specifically to take advantage of the powerful hardware, helping pilots make efficient use of this information.

Innovative uses of sensors and other technology have made an increasing wealth of data available to pilots through their apps. Delta pilots depend on reliable, high-performing cellular connectivity when Wi-Fi is not available to download this critical data. The AT&T 5G network can help pilots download data at speeds comparable to Wi-Fi, even while in transit to the airport or at the gate.

iPad Pro is extremely versatile in aviation, with its thin and light design, and bright, immersive display. The powerful new iPad Pro with 5G features the breakthrough Apple-designed M1 chip for a massive leap in performance, an all-new 12MP Ultra-Wide front camera, and advanced Liquid Retina display technologies with ultralow reflectivity for an unmatched viewing experience on the ground and in the air.

How else is 5G playing a role in the airline industry?

AT&T’s fast, reliable, and secure 5G network reduces the need for traveling airline staff to connect to public Wi-Fi hotspots in between flights, thus improving security. AT&T recently announced our plan to bring 5G+ to 25 airports across the U.S. by the end of 2022.

AT&T 5G reaches over 250M Americans across the country. iPad Pro is also capable of tapping into AT&T 5G+, which is available in parts of 38 cities in the U.S.

“What we’re seeing is that when 5G is paired together with iPad Pro and innovators like Delta Air Lines, the combination has the potential to not only transform their own business, but also to help shape the future of an entire industry. We’re proud to be in lockstep on this journey to unlock the potential of 5G connectivity,” commented, Rasesh Patel, EVP – Chief Product & Platform Officer, AT&T Business.