Customer Engagement: Telenor Myanmar introduces ‘Khin Min’ Chatbox


With the intention to advance the experience of its customers and to upgrade the support quality to next level, Telenor Myanmar has recently introduced a Chatbot feature called ‘Khin Min’, as its forefront interface in customer service on its Facebook messenger.

Khin Min is a computer program using artificial intelligence which interacts with customers to ease E-care reply. Starting from the end of January, ‘Khin Min’ has become the first front interface to the customers who contact Telenor Myanmar through its Facebook Messenger.

Just by simply saying ‘Hi’, it will provide relevant assistance to the customers for several functions and services including checking balance, buying packs and explaining about promotions. Any further issue which Chatbot cannot assist will be redirected to the customer care agent within the same channel.

“With the help of ‘Khin Min’, we will be able to respond to our customers’ queries more swiftly and efficiently in several functions and services. It has already proved its competency within in the few days of the test run by taking and solving almost half of the daily queries on the messenger. I believe this initiative has not only upgraded our services to next level but also empowered our customers in the way they interact with advanced digital technology. In this fast-growing technology world of Myanmar, we are very proud to introduce a Chatbot to our customers and able to have seamless interaction from bot to agents,” said Chan May Ling, Head of Digital Services of Telenor Myanmar.

In December 2018, Telenor Group’s research arm, Telenor Research, has also identified seven tech trends to study on for 2019 which includes Deep fake, AI Ethics, 5G, Internet of Things, Chatbots, Screen time and Green tech.

And now, Telenor Myanmar has managed to introduce Chatbot feature in its digital communications. Telenor Myanmar is also looking forward to keeping upgrading this Chatbot feature to be able to perform much more feature in the next stage.

With the commitment to support the implementation of the government’s Digital Myanmar Economy Plan, Telenor Myanmar in February 2018 released its first ever Digital Myanmar report named ‘REALISING DIGITAL MYANMAR’ which suggested a comprehensive roadmap with significant milestones and targets Myanmar could attain by 2023. Moreover, Telenor Myanmar, in partnership with Ericsson, carried out a successful trial of Narrow Band Internet of Things (NB-IoT) technology on its LTE network in December 2018.

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