Viu collaborates with Workpoint to launch HOH Family in 16 Markets


Viu, a pan-regional OTT video service from PCCW Media Group, and Workpoint Entertainment, a leading Thai entertainment content provider, have co-produced the first Viu Original production in Thailand – HOH Family, which will be available in 16 markets in the region and the Middle East from February 12.

Today’s news signals a strengthening of collaboration between the two companies since a recent development provided Viu users with more than 1,500 new drama and variety show episodes from Workpoint’s 2019 portfolio of content.

HOH Family is derived from “Hoh”, a popular curry dish in northern Thailand comprising a variety of ingredients, symbolizing people of varying characters and personalities co-existing in the same environment. The HOH Family story revolves around four paternal half siblings from different parts of the world living under the same roof.

Each has a dream and yearns to make it come true, but chaotic tension between family members gradually changes as love grows in their hearts. HOH Family is scheduled for Viu streaming in February throughout 16 markets – Hong Kong, Malaysia, Myanmar, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and the Middle East. A total of 15 episodes will be streamed one episode per week.

The series stars up-and-coming teen celebrities Gao Jirayu and Pan Pan, who are extremely popular among Thailand’s Gen Z and millennial sections of society.

Helen Sou, Senior Vice President of Digital Media, PCCW Media Group, said, “The average daily video viewing time per Viu-er in Asia is 108 minutes, while Thai people spend an average of 243 minutes per day watching online videos*. Thailand holds huge potential as one of Viu’s fastest-growing markets and requires premium content to suit viewer tastes.”

Sou added, “This is the first Viu Original drama in Thailand. We and Workpoint have a common vision of presenting premium content that appeals to our discerning audiences. Viu now serves 16 markets and is proud to provide our highly-engaged Viu-ers worldwide with compelling Thai content. We are also committed to investing in the local creative industry and promoting Thailand’s vibrant entertainment community by taking Thailand-based productions to other regions as part of the diversity of content we offer throughout Asia.”

Chalakorn Panyashom, Chief Operating Officer of Workpoint Group, said, “We are very proud to be working with Viu to produce the first Viu Original show. We are committed to delivering high-quality work and firmly believe HOH Family will generate positive feedback from Viu and Workpoint viewers alike, as well as from internationally-dispersed fans who follow up-and-coming teen celebrities such as Gao Jirayu and Pan Pan, who star in this series. This collaboration marks Workpoint’s first collaboration with a regional OTT platform. We are excited to be making a strategic move with Viu, which enables us to reach out to more than 20 million highly-engaged active users, and to be expanding our viewership at an accelerated rate as we take our productions to screens throughout the region. ”

Workpoint ranks among Thailand’s top-five digital TV channels and its collaboration with Viu enables both sides to continue widening variety to meet constantly-changing tastes and preferences among viewers.

Viu has been producing an array of localized original content catering to the tastes of viewers in a diversity of markets. In 2018 alone, Viu released 70 titles and more than 900 episodes of Viu Original programming aimed at audiences in Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and The Philippines. Some of Viu’s most highly-rated productions include The Bridge, Hello K-Ido and The Publicist.