Crypto Newcomers Wanted for the Nimbus Platform: Tech Brains Not Required


Who’s into cryptocurrency? According to demographic research, and a totally unscientific survey of crypto chatter, its millennial male techno junkies.

For the rest of us, cryptocurrency is one part rocket science, one part Hollywood hype, and one part risky fad. Still, we want to understand it and take part in the excitement of a new fintech movement. Most of all, we want to reap financial rewards. Unfortunately, we aren’t technological or financial geniuses, nor do we have the time to become them. So, do we just have to sit this one out? Jump into the market deep-end and hope for the best? Or acquire some Bitcoin or Ethereum and see what happens?

If we’re serious about entering the crypto market, we could visit a decentralized financial platform. DeFi is the new financial ecosystem restructured on blockchain technology and created to provide blockchain currency to all the products and services traditional financial institutions offer fiat currency. If that sounds just as complicated as cryptocurrency itself, it can be. Many platforms seem tailored to the crypto-savvy who need no introduction to hash functions or liquidity mining. Others specialize in few financial strategies or require active management of assets. Must we pour over volumes of indecipherable jargon, crypto glossary in hand? Do we really want to switch among various sites, spend time trying to understand them and fees to use them?

What we really need is a simple-to-use, easy-to-understand financial hub that educates while introducing users to the variety of services available. We need a gateway like the Nimbus Platform, with its informational resources and user-friendly navigation. With 15 clear and accessible earning strategies, crypto assets aren’t just digital paperweights. Newcomers just choose the financial path they want and step-by-step start earning rewards like the experts, all while learning of all the financial opportunities available to them.

We can start with staking, a strategy that earns rewards simply by holding assets in a pool that yields an annual rate. Nimbus offers rates higher than the market average: up to 60% APY for staking and 100% APY for LP staking. Users can enter the peer-to-peer exchange to swap tokens with other Nimbus users without any intermediaries or commissions. They set the terms, price and volume, and a smart contract blockchain protocol securely completes the transaction. Escrow services ensure safety and the timely delivery of the digital assets during executions.

Smart contracts are virtually impossible to alter or manipulate because they rely on decentralized computer code and verification. Decentralized transactions avoid the pitfalls of traditional finance, such as a central point of failure or malicious corruption, because they are executed and stored on distributed peer-to-peer networks. Nimbus takes security even further, by implementing audit procedures using established cybersecurity services like Hacken and an ongoing bug bounty program that encourages friendly hackers to test their robust system.

With this security in mind, users can confidently lend or borrow with the Nimbus decentralized application or dApp. This flexible source of revenue allows users to lend any amount and withdraw their assets or rewards at any time. Borrowing has fixed rates and no time restrictions, while users control risk by setting their own collateral levels. Nimbus’ unique notification system manages liquidation.

When users are ready to go to the next level, Nimbus offers advanced strategies that produce quick results, all with a user-friendly interface. We’ve all heard of NFTs as proof of ownership of unique digital assets like works of art. The innovative Nimbus n-NFT functions as a personal financial strategy that automatically distributes assets across several dApps. It’s the first yield-generating NFT producing financial rewards while it mitigates risk and optimizes yields, saving time and gas fees.

Nimbus is developing even more innovative products. The unique IPO Hub will offer users direct access to offerings without needing a brokerage license or paying hefty fees. Users will be able to acquire IPO shares with any amount of digital assets and can choose IPOs with the greatest potential with the Nimbus Platform’s sophisticated evaluation tools and analytics. The Nimbus Crowdfunding dApp will offer participation in startup crowdfunding with advanced features for automatic asset distribution and accountability, all supported by secure, regulated evaluation processes.

Now we know crypto doesn’t have to remain an elusive, enigmatic concept that only techies can appreciate: it can be our financial opportunity. Nimbus understands this when they explain, “Our mission is to foster a new society in which each human being is financially empowered and in control of his or her own future – and assets.” Move over, millennial males and Matt Damon.

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