Controlled Network Solutions Taps Ribbon to Mitigate Nuisance, Robocalls

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Ribbon Communications Inc., has announced that Controlled Network Solutions (CNS), an independent provider of hosted PBX, telecommunications and cloud-based technology solutions to businesses across North America, is deploying key components of the Ribbon Call Trust™ portfolio to deliver advanced protection against nuisance and robocalls.

Ribbon’s market-leading Policy and Routing (PSX) and Secure Telephony Identity (STI) offerings provide CNS with an integrated solution to authenticate, sign, and verify caller identity. In addition, CNS is deploying Ribbon’s Analytics solution to gain insights into its network operations and enhance the security and fraud protection of VoIP calls.

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Ribbon Call Trust provides us with a comprehensive STIR/SHAKEN-compliant solution that not only efficiently authenticates and signs originating calls, but also quickly verifies terminating calls,” said Ramon Sanchez, CEO of Controlled Network Solutions. “It also provides centralized capabilities to optimize call routing in our network. With Ribbon Analytics, we also gain insights into attempted security breaches and the tools to mitigate potential fraud or malicious attacks on our network.”

“Controlled Network Solutions has been delivering top-tier telecommunications and technology solutions for more than 20 years and we are delighted they have entrusted Ribbon to provide them with the latest in standards-based robocall mitigation and caller identification technology,” said Patrick Joggerst, EVP and Chief Marketing Officer for Ribbon. “Our Ribbon Call Trust solution is designed to help communications service providers of all sizes protect their customers from potential bad actors, by helping ensure the calls that they receive have been verified and are from legitimate sources.”

“Ribbon’s Call Trust addresses service providers’ requirements to provide identity assurance as well as robocall detection and mitigation, which in turn help customers avoid nuisance calls and decide which ones they want to answer,” said Andy Hicks, Principal Analyst at GlobalData. “Ribbon’s session border controller, analytics, and related fraud and security elements are solid foundations for an end-to-end call identity and security solution.”

Ribbon Call Trust integrates both the company’s and third-party data to determine caller identity, intent, and reputation for every call in a service provider’s network. The solution is comprised of several industry-leading Ribbon solutions. Ribbon Secure Telephony Identity (STI) is a STIR/SHAKEN-compliant call authentication, signing and verification solution. STIR/SHAKEN is an industry standard that stands for (Secure Telephony Identity Revisited) STIR (Signature-based Handling of Asserted information using toKENs) SHAKEN. The goal of STIR/SHAKEN is to restore consumers’ confidence and trust in receiving phone calls by enabling service providers to authenticate, sign and verify caller identity to protect their customers from nuisance and malicious robocalls.

Ribbon PSX manages interworking between session border controllers and/or media gateways and an STI solution in support of STIR/SHAKEN standards, while delivering advanced call routing capabilities.

The Ribbon Analytics solution delivers CNS the latest in behavioral modeling and ML-based techniques that enable deep insights into network operations, traffic patterns and subscriber behavior, while providing advanced protection against potential threats and mitigating the possibility of future threats.