Chubu Telecommunications Taps Nokia to conduct 5G Sub-6GHz SA trial


Nokia is conducting a 5G standalone (SA) network trial with Chubu Telecommunications Co., Inc (ctc), a subsidiary of KDDI, in Japan. For the trial, Nokia is supplying its latest AirScale product portfolio and Compact Mobility Unit (CMU) to support both 5G indoor and outdoor connectivity.

The trial will utilize a local 5G network which is independent of a traditional mobile network and use the Sub-6GHz (n79) 4.6-4.9 spectrum band for enhanced capacity. The high-band Sub-6GHz spectrum supports high capacity and extreme mobile broadband capabilities.

The trial will verify how Nokia’s 5G SA network can enable ctc to provide commercial high-speed, high-capacity, low latency Fixed Wireless Access services including Internet, telephone to subscribers without the need for a fiber-optic installation at a customer’s home. This is expected to shorten service delivery times.

In this trial, Nokia‘s 5G SA core was installed at a ctc Lab, and 5G base stations were installed at another ctc Lab and at an apartment complex in Nagoya City. Local 5G networks can be built ahead of time in areas where mobile network services are not yet deployed and have the flexibility to configure the required performance. They are also less susceptible to communication failures or disasters in other locations.

During the trial, ctc will examine the construction and operational processes of installing a 5G Core and 5G base station and verify the application of local 5G including the radio wave propagation characteristics and communication performance in a live environment. The trial will also explore how businesses can utilize the local 5G network to improve the efficiency of solutions such as remote monitoring, video transmission, and image analysis.

Kazuhide Yokoi, Director, Corporate Strategy, Chubu Telecommunications, said: “We are delighted to partner with Nokia to unlock local 5G’s full potential in Japan. With this trial, our effort is to explore the best of local 5G to deliver a high-speed, best-in-class ultra-broadband experience to our customers while preparing for practical use.”

Donny Janssens, Head of Customer Team, Nokia Enterprise Japan, said: “We are pleased to be conducting this local 5G standalone network trial together with ctc. Our 5G standalone in the Sub-6 spectrum band will enable ctc to explore new capabilities and revenue opportunities while enhancing its network’s operational efficiency. A commercial local 5G SA service will further enable ctc to deliver superior service, capacity, and reliability to its customers.”