China Telecom, Huawei Enable 8K VR Broadcast on 5G for Xiamen University

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During Xiamen University’s 100th anniversary celebration, China Telecom Xiamen and Huawei leveraged 5G Super Uplink to provide an 8K VR broadcast of the event to the alumni who could not attend due to the pandemic.

The celebration included many performances, such as an art performance, light shows, and the opening ceremony of Bamin Garden — a large featured garden situated northeast of the Xiang’an campus. 8K VR broadcast service enabled these alumni to view the spectacular celebration.

5G Innovations

On April 6, by scanning QR codes provided by the VR platform of China Telecom’s e-Cloud service, the audience were able to watch the 8K VR broadcast of the art performance, light shows, and the opening ceremony of Bamin Garden dedicated to celebrating the 100th anniversary of the university.

During the broadcast, 8K VR panoramic robots were used to capture and send 360° view videos in real time to showcase the beautiful campuses. By touching the screen of or turning their mobile phones, the alumni were able to freely change the angles from which they saw the university campuses as though they were at the university in person and interact online and share their thoughts in real time.

The online immersive experience would not have been possible without 5G’s real-time transmission. 8K HD images require 5G to provide huge bandwidth for uplink transmission. Mobile panoramic shooting further raises the requirements on uplink bandwidth.

5G Super Uplink greatly improves uplink capability by providing a single-user uplink peak rate of over 450 Mbps and an average uplink rate of over 250 Mbps. This high level of performance is more than up to the task of implementing 8K VR broadcast. During the celebration, thanks to Super Uplink, the 5G network fulfilled the needs of more than 10,000 viewers on site as well as more than 10,000 online viewers who watched the event smoothly through the VR broadcast.

5G Super Uplink is an innovative technology that was jointly developed by China Telecom and Huawei. China Telecom Xiamen has fully verified the technology and is now extensively promoting it on live networks. The success of the live broadcast of Xiamen University’s 100th anniversary celebrations fully demonstrates the potential of this technology.

In the future, Huawei will continue to help China Telecom Xiamen build the high-quality 5G digital networks needed to promote the digital economy and develop new infrastructure in Xiamen.