Vodafone Updates its Curve Smart GPS Tracker

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Vodafone has updated its Curve Smart GPS Tracker and it is now Einstein-smart with additional abilities, such as Beep to Find, Bluetooth Proximity Indicator, Multi User, and Get Directions. All for £20 (plus from £2 a month on a 24-month subscription).

If you’ve already bought a Curve, don’t worry – the new features will be automatically added via an over-the-air software update.

You can use Bluetooth Proximity Indicator and Beep to Find when your phone is within the Bluetooth range of Curve. Your phone will pinpoint its location providing a visual indicator the closer you get.

Once you’re within five metres you can then activate the beep function to find Curve – and whatever you’ve attached it to – even faster.

Unlike Bluetooth-only trackers, Curve uses a combination of four different tracking technologies – GPS, WiFi, Cellular and Bluetooth – to provide a more reliable connection to your favourite things. For example, GPS will tell you if your keys (attached to Curve) are in the house, Bluetooth will help narrow this down to a particular room and Beep to Find will guide you to its exact location.

The new Multi User function enables you to add up to nine guests to your profile in the Vodafone Smart App – which is useful if there’s a group of you wanting to track the same thing, such as a dog or a vehicle.

The new Get Directions feature means you can now send and receive directions with your contacts, as well as share Curve’s location by sharing it to your Apple or Google Maps.

When you get close enough to your Curve tracker it will emit a beeping sound to help you find it
With a lightweight design, up to seven days’ battery life, a quick location alert button, easy-to-set location zones and keyring accessory, Curve combines form, functionality and durability.

Available in two colours, Dove and Slate, Curve blends seamlessly with belongings. The device is connected by the Vodafone Smart SIM which enables smartphone updates to be sent even when the device is used from a distance or abroad, working in over 90 countries.