BlackBerry Updates Enterprise Mobility Suite to Meet Demands of Hyperconnected Enterprise


BlackBerry Limited has announced new features and capabilities for its BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite that provides the trust and interoperability organizations need to share and secure data beyond the boundaries of their enterprise.

Advancements in mobile technology have created a hyperconnected workforce where highly-sensitive information and data are shared both inside and outside organizational frameworks. As this digitization occurs, it is imperative users are given solutions that prioritize flexibility and security for their communication needs. The latest updates to BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite will help to securely connect both business and consumer applications, allowing employees to instantly collaborate with peers and customers for improved productivity and competitive success.


“IT leaders are being asked to secure new endpoints even as their users share increasing amounts of critical information, which is why many organizations feel they have to choose solutions that prioritize security over productivity,” said Frank Cotter, SVP of Enterprise Solutions, BlackBerry. “BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite underscores our commitment to protecting IoT devices from evolving cybersecurity threats and creating new workflows that increase productivity at every turn.”

BlackBerry Updates Enterprise Mobility Suite

New features and capabilities of the BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite – aimed at extending the modern desktop and creating seamless workflows and content sharing – include:

  • BlackBerry Workspaces Content Connector for Dropbox. This new feature enables Workspaces users to view, protect and manage content stored within the Dropbox for Business environment.
  • BlackBerry Dynamics on Chromebook. The same powerful user experience powered by BlackBerry Dynamics on Android devices is now available on Chromebooks, with seamless access to email, calendar, documents, applications, intranet without VPN. Perfect for Bring Your Own Laptop (BYOL) users, contractors and corporate tablet replacements.
  • BlackBerry Work with TITUS Data Classification. BlackBerry Work extends the ability to add existing advanced email classification while composing and replying. BlackBerry Work mobile client integrates directly with the TITUS Data Classification system and provides advanced UI to manage classifications while composing.
  • BlackBerry Work with Azure-RMS protection. Users can now add, manage and view Azure-RMS protection directly from a mobile device.
  • BlackBerry UEM Corporate Owned Managed Profile (COMP) activation for Android Enterprise. COMP is a new Android Enterprise activation type that enables work and personal profiles on the device, but with full device control by the administrator.