AVIWEST Selects Sierra Wireless 5G NR Module for Mobile Video Encoders

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Sierra Wireless, a global IoT solutions provider, has announced that its EM9191 5G New Radio (NR) module has been integrated into mobile video encoders from AVIWEST, a provider of live and recorded video contribution systems.

The EM9191 provides AVIWEST’s PRO360-5G and AIR320e-5G mobile video encoders with the fast, low-latency, and reliable 5G connectivity broadcasters need to remotely stream high-definition or ultra-high-definition IP video from live sporting, news, and other events.

Using AVIWEST’s 5G-enabled mobile video encoders broadcasters can reduce the complexity associated with live event video productions and reduce travel, lodging, Outside Broadcasting (OB) truck, satellite data transmission, and other costs associated with these productions.

“5G will fundamentally transform live video production, making it simpler and less expensive, while eventually enabling new, more entertaining, immersive, and exciting viewing experiences with additional mobile, Point of View (POV), and other cameras,” said Ronan Poullaouec, CTO at AVIWEST. “With the Sierra Wireless EM9191 module, AVIWEST’s mobile video encoders can use 5G networks to stream high-definition video from live events to broadcasters’ production facilities, allowing these broadcasters to realize the cost, simplicity, and other benefits of 5G-powered remote video production today.”

Broadcasters are already using recently introduced AVIWEST 5G mobile video encoders equipped with the Sierra Wireless EM9191 module to stream high-definition video from live sporting events to remote video production facilities.

For example, Telefonica-owned telecommunications provider Movistar used the AVIWEST AIR320-5G to remotely broadcast live high-definition video from the 2021 Copa del Rey basketball tournament.

In addition, Broadcaster Cosmote TV completed Greece’s first live television broadcast through a 5G network using AIR320-5G units and robotic cameras to transmit audio and video of the final game of the Greek Cup. Many PRO360-5G mobile video encoders have also been used by broadcasters during the latest Summer Games in Tokyo, for main event coverage as well as for interviews and pre-game moments.

Sierra Wireless 5G Module Comes Out on Top in AVIWEST’s Evaluation Process

AVIWEST selected the Sierra Wireless EM9191 module for its 5G mobile video encoder after an extensive evaluation process that included lab testing as well as field trials with network operators. The evaluation process allowed AVIWEST to determine that, in addition to competitive pricing and enabling a quicker time-to-market, the Sierra Wireless EM9191 module offered them:

• Faster data speeds, lower latency, and more stable performance than other 5G modules.
• A compact form factor that could be easily integrated into its existing mobile video encoders.
• Better interoperability with its mobile video encoder technology.
• Better compatibility with key network operators’ 5G networks.
• Support for a larger number of different 5G wireless frequencies, which enables the same AVIWEST mobile video encoder to be used on 5G networks in Europe, North America, Asia and elsewhere around the world.
• The ability to offer customers 5G mobile video encoder that can operate on both existing non-standalone 5G networks and future standalone 5G networks without having to change the module.
• Built-in, robust end-to-end security capabilities, including HTTPS, secure socket, secure boot, and firmware over-the-air (FOTA) updates, all from an established company headquartered in a country that has strict laws in place to protect customer data.

After AVIWEST selected Sierra Wireless, they were able to quickly integrate the module into their mobile video encoder, allowing them to bring the new encoder to market in less than three months.

“Sierra Wireless is moving 5G beyond the smartphone to industrial, commercial, and other applications like remote live video production,” said Jim Ryan, Senior Vice President of Partnerships, Marketing, and IoT Solutions at Sierra Wireless. “With innovative solutions like the EM9191 module, we provide organizations like AVIWEST with the 5G connectivity they need to launch new products and services that disrupt the status-quo and change the way that entire industries do business.”