Yellow Vietnam Kratom: Origin, Effects, and Dosage


Mitragyna speciosa, a tree native to Southeast Asia is famous for the herbal product Kratom. Kratom is getting immense popularity in the market because of its effects that include pain relief, stimulation, energy boost, stress, and anxiety relief. These supplements are known to have anti depressing, anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties.

We all have heard about three colors of Kratom strains i.e. White, Green, and Red. The color of the Kratom strain is the color of the stem and veins of leaves at the time of harvesting. The color of the stem and veins changes from Green to WHite to Red as the plant attains maturity. And the strains are known as Green vein, White Vein, and Red vein Kratom respectively. Then what is Yellow Kratom?

What is Yellow Vein Kratom?

Regular users consider premium quality yellow vietnam kratom review as the most high-quality strain and you can learn more about it by reading the yellow vietnam kratom review which is a great way to increase your knowledge bank . Some people say that it is just a marketing gimmick as they do not find any concrete evidence for the existence of Yellow vein Kratom. People believe that it is either a blend of Green & White vein leaves or it simply is Red vein Kratom procured by different harvesting and drying techniques. There are many theories to explain the origin of Yellow Vein Kratom. Some of them are:

  1. It is a belief that Yellow vein Kratom is obtained from fully matured leaves left unharvested for a longer time than red vein Kratom. And this longer time on the tree might give a Yellow hue to the leaves.
  2. It is a blend of all three strains which is then fermented to give a yellow color.
  3. The last and most important theory is that the yellow coloration is a result of the unique drying process for red Kratom leaves.

Now let us talk about the Kratom strain in concern, Yellow Vietnam Kratom.

Yellow Vietnam Kratom

The name tells us that it is a Yellow vein Kratom strain that is cultivated in Vietnam. Vietnam, till now, was not known for growing and exporting Kratom. But Kratom was growing there in the wild for centuries. Recently, Kratom from Vietnam is reaching out to the world in commercial quantities.

Origin: It is grown in the Mekong delta region, Long Xuyen. And, also in the mountainous regions of the Mekong River. The climate and soil provide the peculiar taste and color to the strain.

What makes it different from other strains?

Yellow Vietnam Kratom is a rare and unique strain. It is different from other strains in the following ways;

  • The strain has a yellow color which is different from all other strains that are green, white, and red.
  • All the Kratom strains taste bitter and people find it hard to directly ingest the powder. This strain tastes sweet which makes it easier to swallow. It makes it more effective as direct ingestion is the best way of consuming Kratom for immediate effects.
  • It is a non-sedative strain, unlike other red Kratom strains which are highly sedative.

Benefits and Effects of Yellow Vietnam Kratom

Yellow Vietnam Kratom is known for the following effects.


Analgesic is any drug that helps relieve pain. Kratom is a well known analgesic. The analgesic effect of Yellow Vietnam Kratom is weaker when compared to Indo Kratom strains. It is helpful to relieve mild pains by working as an inhibitor to pain receptors.

Mood Upliftment:

The strain is recognised as a potential mood enhancer and antidepressant by its users. It is known to provide a balanced and pleasant effect. This works to uplift your mood and make you feel happier. The Kratom strains are known to work through their alkaloid profile. Yellow Vietnam Kratom has about 25% more alkaloids than other Thai strains.

Euphoric Effects:

The strain, in lower doses, creates a mellow, soothing and calm euphoric effect. It also helps you face and fights through stressful situations in your life. It helps you attain a state of calmness. If you face social anxiety issues which makes it difficult for you to go out and connect with people. Yellow Vietnam Kratom can help you with the problem and boost your social confidence up.

Energizing Effects:

Yellow vein Kratom is a potent stimulant and boosts your energy levels every time you feel lethargic and tired. The energising effects are quick and long-lasting. So, if you include the strain in your morning routine it can easily replace your coffee and will keep you energetic throughout the day. The plus point here is that it won’t give you jitters or an upset stomach like coffee.

Enhanced Visual Perception:

A unique benefit of this strain is reported by many users, that it enhances your visual perception. This property makes it a unique strain as no other strain is reported to have such an effect.

Increased focus:

Regular users of Yellow Vietnam Kratom claim that it increases focus and concentration without any sedating effects. It directly increases your productivity and creativity at work by energizing and increasing your mental focus.

Easy on Stomach:

Kratom users often complain that other strains upsets their stomach and affects their appetite. Yellow Vietnam Kratom is reportedly easy on the stomach and does not cause any side effects.


We do not advise you to use any Kratom strain on an empty stomach. Yellow Vietnam like many other strains may cause dehydration. So, we recommend you to stay well hydrated whenever you are consuming it. There are various ways to consume Kratom so you can choose what suits you.

Beginners are always advised to select the strain and consumption methods only after proper research and thought. Doses for beginners should not exceed 1 or 2 grams. Also, it is a prerequisite to consult your doctor or medical practitioner before starting on Kratom or switching strains.

An average dose of 3 to 4 grams is good for relaxation, stimulation, increased focus and sexual endurance.

A dose of 5 to 6 grams is considered potent enough to alleviate pain and provide a night of restful sleep.

A dose of 7 grams or above is a high or strong dose and not at all recommended for people who have not developed tolerance.

Yellow Vietnam Kratom is a newer strain but people are already loving it for the benefits it provides. The effects are quick and last longer.