Avaya Set to Launch “Communication as a Service” in Indian market


At a time when communication service providers are looking forward to embracing digital transformation and deliver innovative services for their customers, Avaya is set to launch its latest innovation in the form of “Communication as a Service” or CaaS in the Indian market.


The company is closely working with a partner and a service provider in terms of launching this innovative service in India.
“The way telecom communication service providers communicate with their customers is changing very rapidly today. The way the customer wants to communicate with the service providers, that’s what is changing as well. The services that customers are using for the service providers – voice versus data, is changing. The demographics for the customers is becoming wide for the operator today. Avaya plays a very important role, in helping service providers embrace this transformation – then how to communicate with their customers,” explains, Vishal Agrawal, Senior Director, AMEA Services Sales, Avaya India.

Delivering innovative service model for operators, communications as a Service (CaaS) is an outsourced enterprise communications solution that can be leased from a single vendor. Such communications can include voice over IP (VoIP or Internet telephony), instant messaging (IM), collaboration and videoconference applications using fixed and mobile devices. Engaging with enterprise customers on such a platform can provide the much needed fillip to an operator’s growth trajectory.

“We have signed up a contract with one of our partners and are set to launch ‘video as a service’ in India. It is coming very soon in the Indian market. We are working towards building solutions around ‘communication as a service’ we are working with a service provider to launch ‘communication as a service’ in the market. We are also looking – especially with the service provider that when they are selling the leased line – how can they help towards selling the entire communication as a service to the end customers.

Avaya Guns for Growth

Talking about the growth opportunities, Vishal Agrawal from Avaya India said that the company is looking at achieving healthy growth in India.

“Avaya over the last two years has given a double digit growth. So with these opportunities we are looking at a good double digit growth for the company. We are very bullish about India.” He added.