Alcatel-Lucent, Vedicis partner to deliver ‘Smart Data As A service’ Managed Services


Vedicis, a software editor of DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) and Network Intelligence and Alcatel-Lucent’s managed services business have announced an industry-unique service and business model to put clients and subscribers at the heart of service providers’ decision making process.

Today, many Communication Service Providers, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and large enterprise customers face the challenge of “infobesity”. Integration and use of big data are costly, inefficient and complex: hundreds of different probes, terabytes of storage, multiple desynchronized reporting systems and worthless quantity of information to steer business decisions.

Smart Data as a Service is a Managed Information Service that complements or replaces the traditional CAPEX model based on hardware, software, storage and analytics by providing a simple access to information for network, marketing, contact centre stakeholders, based on virtualized software and service platforms. The main value proposition of Smart Data as a Service consists of:

– Drive customer centric transformation: Adopt and extend a client 360 degrees view to all customers
– One Service Multiple facets: Leveraging consistent and critical set of data
> Subscribers, usage, devices, location, net technology, etc
> Capacity planning, network operations, profiling and marketing, revenue assurance, legal compliance, etc.
> Speed, time to deliver value: operational in weeks, removing technology, skills and geography barriers
– Pay for what you focus on: Get what you need, avoid upfront investment, maximize return on investment
– Real-time: Cut data collection, processing and editing time to seconds

Vedicis Software suite is already in operation by many service providers around the world for visibility, control and monetization of their broadband IP traffic. Alcatel-Lucent managed services multi-technology, multi-vendor network operations capabilities offer the ideal service platform to address industrial service delivery to fullfill customers’ most demanding requirements while ensuring intimacy and proximity.

This partnership with Vedicis is a key step in launching the next generation of “smart managed services” and will set a new standard in the industry for service and business innovation.

“Managing is all about taking proper actions leveraging relevant and accurate measures. Making our customers’ lives easier by providing direct access to the right metrics and information hence moving from managing services toward enabling business performance”, comments Friedrich Trawoeger, president of managed services at Alcatel-Lucent.

“Measurement is all about the right level of visibility in a cost-efficient manner. Our virtualized platform enables coping with existing network environment as well as virtualized NFV/SDN future networks” said Theodore Martin Martin, Vedicis CEO.