Auburn Essential Services Taps Calix to enable transformation to FTTH architecture

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Municipal broadband provider is rolling out fiber service to local homes and businesses with next generation broadband services on AXOS

Calix, Inc. has announced that municipal broadband provider Auburn Essential Services (AES) is deploying AXOS® to future proof its transformation to a Fiber to the Home (FTTH) network architecture.

This next generation network transformation enables AES to deliver the most advanced services to its community through its triple play broadband offering. AXOS automates and simplifies FTTH deployment capabilities and AES’s network operations.

With the E7-2 Intelligent Modular System and the SMx Connector, AES benefits from a common operational service model that allows it to accelerate the roll out and deployment of new services simply and easily.

With a current combination of GPON and XGS-PON line cards with an upgrade path to NG-PON2, AES is embracing an everyPON strategy where they can deploy the highest performing network technology available where it’s needed.

A community-owned and operated municipal broadband provider, AES offers three symmetrical speed tiers of broadband—25 Mbps, 100 Mbps, and 1 Gbps—with a strong, integrated complement of voice, TV, Wi-Fi, and smart home solutions to residential and business subscribers in Auburn, Indiana.

The utility is transitioning all existing and new FTTH deployments to AXOS to optimize fiber expansion opportunities and simplify operations while reducing overall cost structure.

Additionally, having already deployed Fiber to the Business with a unique strategic partnership alongside the City of Garrett since 2015, AES will be providing these same broadband services to every residential home in the Garrett Municipal Electric Territory, with construction starting in 2020.

“We recognized early on that fiber broadband would be an important ingredient in the recipe of the vitality of this community, and our catalyst to start in 2005 was a response to a specific business need that was not being met by incumbent providers,” said Chris Schweitzer, general manager for Auburn Essential Services. “And as our base of subscribers has grown, the community-wide network provides local homes and businesses with a conduit for connecting to the world, and the dependability of that service is critical. Both our network and our business are community owned and operated, so we exist solely to improve the quality of life for our subscribers. With this network deployment, that means delivering up to 1 Gigabit wire speeds today but also enabling ourselves to increase that speed going forward. Calix was the clear choice that gave us a best in class platform that will scale as we expand our service offerings to meet our subscribers’ growing bandwidth demands.”

The E7-2 Intelligent Modular System aligns perfectly with AES’s launch strategies, as it offers deployment flexibility and can easily scale to support any size deployment opportunity. The modular AXOS platform delivers a future proof solution for AES while enabling them to select the correct network technology at the correct time.

In addition, with the integrated network troubleshooting capabilities within the AXOS Diagnostics Toolbox, AES can maintain an always on, reliable network while dramatically reducing operational costs and expensive truck rolls.

As part of its commitment to its subscribers, AES is also elevating their subscriber experience by offering the ultimate in-home connectivity with the Wi-Fi 6 GigaSpire® and GigaMesh®, both powered by EXOS®. In addition to delivering a differentiated subscriber experience, AES is also driving down support costs with Calix Support Cloud.

“Auburn Essential Services is another perfect example of a local utility stepping up to ensure its community does not fall on the wrong side of the digital divide,” said Skip Hirvela, vice president of sales for Calix. “A truly visionary municipal service provider, AES saw this opportunity years ago, seized upon it, and continues to build on its network investment. We are proud to work alongside AES and look forward to continuing this partnership, as they expand their capabilities in the access network and extend that effort into their subscribers’ homes and businesses.”