Alepo Unveils ‘Mobile Broadband Accelerator’ to Drive Growth for Mobile Broadband Networks


Alepo, a provider of network and IT software solutions for global communications service providers, has unveiled its new Mobile Broadband Accelerator – a packaged solution that enables wireless network operators to readily introduce more advanced and differentiated mobile data offerings.

Alepo will showcase the solution at Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, Spain on March 2 – 5, 2015.

With the recognition that the rate of growth of mobile broadband penetration and traffic consumption worldwide far outpace that of revenues and ARPU, Alepo created its Mobile Broadband Accelerator solution to help wireless network operators to better leverage and capitalize on the value of their mobile broadband networks.

“We know that mobile broadband revenues today are growing at a slower pace than in previous years, and so we’ve developed the Alepo Mobile Broadband Accelerator solution to help operators stimulate stagnating revenue growth,” said Derrick Gross, Vice President of Services at Alepo.

He explained that the solution enables operators to readily introduce innovative and differentiated services – from bandwidth on demand to data rollover plans to prepaid data models and well beyond. The solution also provides tools to enhance the customer experience, to gain business insights and analytics, and to explore new revenue models and untapped markets for mobile broadband services – all key factors in growing revenues and market share.

Alepo’s Mobile Broadband Accelerator solution brings together best-of-breeds IT and core network software from Alepo and Alepo partners and professional services on a single, pre-integrated platform, oriented towards the operator’s mobile broadband business needs and priorities. An open, flexible solution, it is highly adaptable to any type of network environment.

The solution can be deployed as an “overlay” platform that extends the functionality and feature-richness of an operator’s existing mobile broadband network while avoiding unnecessary replacement, complexity, and disruptions to existing services. Conversely, the packaged solution can serve as a complete core network and CRM for Greenfield or startup operators. In any case, operators benefit from Alepo’s constantly evolving collection of out-of-the-box capabilities and business use cases as well as over a decade of industry expertise in “all things data.”

“In today’s competitive landscape, operators demand greater business and network agility to bring new mobile broadband offers and experiences to market faster, to the right customer segments, and at the right time in order to compete efficiently and to drive up ARPU,” said Gross, adding, “Alepo’s Mobile Broadband Accelerator delivers on all points, making it simple to launch attractive and targeted data offers – regardless of your current network environment.”

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