Scania selects Olive Communications for cloud-based unified communication rollout

Scania (Great Britain) Limited, a supplier to British industry of trucks, buses, coaches and engines for industrial and marine applications, has awarded Olive Communications a multi-million pound contract to help them transform their communications infrastructure.

After an internal review of their telecoms strategy, involving a number of the UK’s largest networks and communications providers, Scania (Great Britain) Limited selected Olive.

As part of this contract, Olive will implement and manage a new cloud-based unified communication solution for 1,000 employees across 50 sites, roll out a new contact centre, implement a new MPLS network and LAN infrastructure, and take over the management of Scania (Great Britain) Limited’s 600+ user mobile phone estate.

Richard Gray, Finance and Rental Director for Scania (Great Britain) Limited, said: “With our current system coming to the end of its natural life, we wanted to procure the best possible solution for our business. Our objectives were to improve our ability to provide a first class service to our customers, enhance employee to employee communications, and reduce our infrastructure and telecoms costs across the board.”

As a result, Scania (Great Britain) Limited chose Olive. “They grasped our imperative to improve the customer experience, and clearly demonstrated they understood how to federate and manage new models of cloud-based connectivity to achieve business outcomes” said Gray.

Olive then undertook its audit and consultancy process, which mapped out business objectives to ensure the technology solution encompassed the right blend of innovation, flexibility and resilience. From out of this process, four areas were agreed with Scania (Great Britain) Limited as key success criteria. These were:

1. Enhancing the Customer Experience
Scania (Great Britain) Limited provides a wide range of services in support of its products and customers through a service centre network. But its 50 UK centres each had their own aging, independent communications system. Inbound calls were siloed, so they couldn’t be diverted easily in busy times, and maintaining business continuity was difficult if one system went down. The disparate systems also made it tough for them to get specific management information on the performance of each centre.

The single, resilient cloud-based platform that Olive will roll out across all of Scania (Great Britain) Limited’s sites is intended to resolve these challenges and offer their customers a seamless experience no matter which number they call, and offer Scania control and visibility over their entire communications estate.

2. Improving employee to employee communication
Scania (Great Britain) Limited’s 1,000 staff will benefit from fixed to mobile convergence (FMC), which ensures calls are routed to, and answered on the users preferred device. Martin Flick, CEO, Olive Communications, explains: “Bringing together cloud and mobile connectivity under one managed service is an increasingly popular deployment for Olive customers, as it increases the ability for employees to contact each other wherever they are working, improving productivity.”

3. Market leading account management, service management and resilience
Olive will provide cohesive service delivery across all cloud and mobile communication services. Gray explains: “Olive took us through how their single operational service portal for all services will work, how clear processes will be followed and how governance will be ensured. There will be a series of executive, account management and service team meetings on a regular basis, which are not just about resolving any ongoing issues, but about making the most of new technology at a strategic level.”

4. Substantial cost reduction
Smart procurement was a watchword for Scania (Great Britain) Limited during the review process. Flick concludes: “Olive, as an agile and commercially innovative provider, has been able to bring together previously disparately managed and billed elements of Scania (Great Britain) Limited’s communications estate into one managed service. This means that Scania (Great Britain) Limited will not only will benefit from significant operational efficiencies, but will significantly reduce their infrastructure costs in the coming years, delivering a substantial return on investment (ROI).”