InfoVista Unveils Mobile Network Experience Optimization Solution for Operators


InfoVista, the global provider of IP and RF network planning, service assurance and network optimization software solutions, has released VistaNEO, a powerful and scalable mobile network experience optimization solution.

InfoVista is participating at the Mobile World Congress 2015 and can be reached at Hall 7, Stand 7G40.

The new solution helps mobile operators’ RAN engineering, optimization and troubleshooting teams combat subscriber churn and maintain existing revenue streams. This is accomplished with VistaNEO by geo-analyzing subscriber and network experience 24/7, to proactively manage network and service quality at the subscriber level.

VistaNEO automatically and intelligently collects and post-processes subscriber-centric, call detail records to analyze quality of service (QoS) over temporal and spatial dimensions. This process turns billions of data records into actionable intelligence about the subscriber experience, enabling mobile operators to monitor subscriber-aware network experience in near-real time. Ultimately, this means that mobile operators can better understand and solve network problems that truly affect subscribers.

VistaNEO supports multiple network vendors as well as 3G and 4G, enabling mobile operators to continue driving network quality and invest in their next-generation networks, without the risk of losing visibility into subscribers’ behavior and experience.

“Mobile operators today are struggling to protect their core service revenue, while improving the subscriber experience,” said Andre Sequerah, director, product management for optimization and planning, InfoVista. “With VistaNEO, this doesn’t have to be an either/or proposition. Mobile operators can gain the network intelligence they need to proactively maintain a high QoS and prevent churn, while reducing CAPEX and OPEX.”

“VistaNEO was the vision that drove the acquisition of Aexio a year ago. It adds the very important subscriber-centric view of network experience, which naturally complements InfoVista’s network performance management and network planning solutions,” said Bernard Breton, chief marketing officer and head of Americas and APAC sales. “As such, VistaNEO is further building on our market promise of enabling communications service providers to orchestrate the performance of their networks.”

VistaNEO includes subscriber geo-analytics capabilities to help mobile operators identify areas with heavy performance degradation, diagnose the cause of any problematic QoS and then troubleshoot the underlying issues. This optimization approach relies on the subscriber point of view, rather than a network or service statistical analysis, resulting in better mobile network performance and higher subscriber satisfaction.

InfoVista’s new mobile network experience optimization solution also offers intelligent, interactive optimization capabilities, allowing mobile operators to view holistic network performance or drill down into specific data. As a result, RAN engineers can examine patterns of abnormalities in the mobile network, or address just one instance of network degradation to improve service for a specific geographic area, for example.

VistaNEO’s built-in, customer-centric KPIs make it easy to quickly determine which subscribers are most impacted by network performance problems. RAN engineers can then prioritize troubleshooting efforts for VIP subscribers, maximizing customer satisfaction and supporting existing revenue streams.

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