ZTE, Riedel Jointly Build Private 5G as a Service Offering

5G Technology

ZTE Corporation, a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the mobile internet, has collaborated with Riedel Communications to deploy a Tailor-Made Private 5G as a Service on a campus network and jointly explored the huge potential of 5G networks in the digital economy era.

ZTE provided to Riedel Communication an end-to-end smart campus network solution based on the 5G Stand Alone architecture which includes ZTE’s large-capacity Base Band Unit (BBU), 5G pad Remote Radio Unit (RRU), and i5GC (Industrial 5G Core), paving the information highway for Industry 4.0 and digital upgrades.

For industry verticals, a private 5G networks with customized functions, precise SLAs, and reduced costs can be purchased on demand which shortens the time to market further accelerating the pace of enterprise digitalization

5G SA is a completely new core architecture with high potential features to that supports capabilities including eMBB, mMTC, uRLLC, Edge computing, slicing, third party integration to improve flexibility, efficiency, openness and customization. The manufacturing enterprise in a smart campus can realize remote product and facility monitoring enabling automated and flexible production lines. Ultra HD videos of the product is transmitted while using AI and 5G machine vision-based quality inspection module, defective products can be quickly identified further improving the QC of the final products in the campus. Network slicing allows industries to deploy service they are providing to their end customers enabling B2B2C applications with guaranteed SLA’s and QoS. This will play a crucial role in enabling service providers to offer innovative services, entering new markets and better facilitate new partnerships.

“In terms of the future, 5G is a topic that offers many new opportunities. Especially for our largescale events, we need flexible and high-performance systems that enable us to set up ad-hoc infrastructures. Riedel sees ZTE as a strong partner to drive forward these topics with smart technology and the right spirit” said Lutz Rathmann, Director Managed Technology Division.

“ZTE, as one of the global leaders in 5G, truly believes that 5G is driving the development of the verticals and the digital transformation of industries. Deploying a variety of 5G applications enables the move from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing while reducing costs and increasing efficiency and quality” said Yang Lin, Managing Director of ZTE Germany Representative Office. “In the cooperation, ZTE provides a campus network with a flexible architecture, which could be easily expanded as the size of campus or separated campus. The application platform and device can be also integrated in the campus network for different use cases.”

This cooperation is the first step for Riedel and ZTE to jointly explore the value of 5G in vertical industries. With the solid network foundation of 5G, it can be foreseen that subsequent open platforms and diversified applications based on 5G will innovate further in the future.