ZTE, China Unicom Help Shangdong Lingong Group to Enable 5G Tele-control Excavator

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ZTE and China Unicom have helped Shandong Lingong Group to create the first remote control excavator in China. It is the first 5G application case in China’s construction machinery industry, laying a foundation for intelligent mining.

By means of the 5G network provided by ZTE and Shandong Branch of China Unicom, operators can remotely manipulate the unmanned excavator located in the mining area. The on-site operation images and videos can be transmitted to the operator synchronously with a panoramic view.

The control signal and video signal of the excavator are transmitted directly to the control center through 5G network. In the signal transmission, the air interface latency is 1 ms, the overall control signal latency is 25 ms and the video signal latency is 300 ms. It is superior to the 4G network in terms of bandwidth and latency, guaranteeing the transmission quality and speed of high-definition videos and control orders.

Featuring ultra-high bandwidth, low latency and massive connection, the 5G network will provide vertical industries and Internet of Everything with new services of fast speed, low latency and massive connections. In the future, 5G will enable artificial intelligence, face recognition, big data analysis and other technologies to reshape the city life for intelligent city management.