Network Sharing: VSE NET, Deutsche Telekom partner to drive connectivity in Saarland

Deutsche Telekom

More customers can now take advantage of the Deutsche Telekom offerings and, in turn, those of VSE NET and energis highspeed. Some 400,000 households in the Saarland will have internet access of up to 100 Mbit/s from May 2019.

Shared use makes expansion of fiber-optic infrastructure profitable more quickly. Deutsche Telekom will use VSE NET’s infrastructure in the Saarland in future while VSE NET with energis highspeed will use Deutsche Telekom’s infrastructure. VSE NET signed a corresponding agreement with Deutsche Telekom.

The network expansion opens up regional fiber-optic lines to the cabinets (FTTC) and the nearshore areas, delivering internet speeds of up to 100 Mbit/s to the connected households.

“This kind of cooperation is good for our customers because they can use high-speed internet connections. The collaboration also pays dividends for the regional network operators, allowing them to make better use of their infrastructure,” said Dr. Dido Blankenburg, Representative of the Deutsche Telekom Board of Management for Broadband Cooperation (for further information on Deutsche Telekom’s cooperation strategy, please see also Dido Blankenburg’s “Management unplugged (German)”).

Ingbert Seufert, managing director of VSE NET GmbH, stressed “that VSE NET will continue to push forward with network expansion as a regional infrastructure service provider. Cooperation with strong partners such as Deutsche Telekom paves the way for comprehensive products and services.

“We’re delighted that this cooperation now allows us to offer high-speed internet from energis throughout the Saarland. Even more customers will benefit from the compelling offering of electricity, natural gas and energis highspeed,” says Michael Dewald, managing director of energis GmbH.

The offering is marketed at Deutsche Telekom through the “Magenta Home Regio” products; energis highspeed is available with the familiar internet and combined offerings.

This is the first cooperation between network operators in the Saarland. Deutsche Telekom has already concluded similar agreements with other partners in Germany. Network operators agree that further fiber-optic expansion is only possible by working together.