ZTE, China Mobile deploy AIVO3.0 digital solution

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ZTE Corporation and the Shandong branch of China Mobile have completed the large-scale commercial deployment of the AIVO3.0 digital operation solution, with the three-dimensional intelligent insight into networks, services and users. The solution has comprehensively improved user experiences and enhanced digital operation capabilities.

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Based on the VMAX platform, the AIVO3.0 digital operation solution assists operators in developing scenario-based applications and supports full-lifecycle intelligent operation, meeting more diversified requirements of both B2B and B2C services.

In addition, compared with previous versions, the AIVO3.0 solution, by virtue of the high-level intelligent features, has evolved from single-domain, single-service intelligence to 5G service end-to-end automation, oriented towards an open ecosystem. By introducing the enhanced intelligent engine, the solution can make service-driven dynamic decisions on various service requirements of the operators.

To date, ZTE and the Shandong branch of China Mobile have made great progress. The AIVO3.0 solution can cross-correlate the data from OSS, BSS, or other sources, to support cross-department daily operation and achieve close loop automation. Besides, powered by AI based full-domain perception, the efficiency of the one-click user complaint handling is significantly promoted while the problem of demarcation and location accuracy rate reaches 87%. Furthermore, this solution can achieve improvement in both 5G user experiences and 5G camping ratio.

Moving forward, both parties will further collaborate with each other in the field of digital and intelligent operation to facilitate in-depth integration of platforms, with the aim of building a digital ecosystem.