ZTE, China Mobile complete SPN emulation pilot

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ZTE Corporation and the Zhejiang branch of China Mobile, have completed the network emulation pilot on the existing SPN in Huzhou, China.

By simulating different network environments, the two parties have explored network operation rules and response mechanisms, performed analysis and assessment before service deployment/provisioning and network/service adjustment, and generated network security plans based on the data to ensure network security.

The Zhejiang branch of China Mobile has employed ZTE’s intelligent management and control system ZENIC ONE (UME) on the existing SPN. The SPN network emulation module implements mirroring of the existing network data, including network resources, services, protocols, and real-time traffic, and simulate the impact of the events such as fiber break, node upgrade, and structure adjustment on network services.

The module filters the massive traffic data on the tunnels and ports when the data is entered. Moreover, the emulation module simulates network node and link faults in different service models by employing the advanced algorithms, and presents the impact of the faults on network quality and services to users by tables or graphs via the graphic interface of the system.

Therefore, the module changes the verification from the “blind” mode to the “visual” mode. After this function is deployed, the O&M personnel can predict the impact on the service status in advance before performing such operations as optical fiber cable cutover and node upgrade, hence service security guarantee. The module can increase the adjustment accuracy from 60% to over 90%, thus effectively improving the security of O&M operations.

ZTE has made in-depth cooperation with China Mobile in new service and function innovations, such as fast SPN construction, easy service provisioning, precise service quality monitoring, as well as network planning and emulation.

By December 2020, ZTE has completed 5G SPN commercial deployments and innvoation verification on the networks in many cities of Zhejiang province. Moving forward, ZTE will continue helping China Mobile build the most advanced and reliable 5G networks.