XCIEN, Tarana Expand FWA Footprint into Mexico

Tarana Logo

XCIEN and Tarana have announced a new partnership to bring high-speed, reliable internet service to businesses and residential areas across Mexico with plans ranging from 100 to 400 Mbps.

XCIEN, the largest wireless internet service provider in Mexico, plans to utilize Gigabit 1 (G1) — Tarana’s breakthrough broadband platform that has introduced the next generation of fixed wireless access (ngFWA) — in previously hard-to-reach, rural areas where fiber is not economically viable.

XCIEN also plans to use G1 in competition with fiber offerings in urban zones where G1’s deployment speed and high throughput make it a compelling alternative.

The recent increase in remote work, education, and healthcare has created a strong incentive for XCIEN to broaden their target market, now including more residential areas. XCIEN Director of Operations, Jesús Cañamar, said, “Fast, dependable internet is not only crucial for the businesses we serve, but also the neighborhoods where home offices and ‘classrooms’ are ever more present. With G1’s long reach and ease of deployment, we can provide quality service to many more of these homes, and more quickly.”

Basil Alwan, Tarana CEO, added, “G1’s unique versatility is creating new possibilities for customers worldwide, and we appreciate the opportunity to kick off our expansion into Mexico with the country’s most established wireless access service provider. We look forward to helping XCIEN increase the performance and reach of their services for both corporate and residential customers.”

Founded in 1999, XCIEN specializes in high-quality telecommunications services on the peripheries of urban cities and remote areas with access difficulties. They currently serve more than 3,000 businesses across 10 states of Mexico, and have recently joined a strategic alliance with Luminet Wan to enable even wider implementation of their broadband services.

XCIEN was also the first to promote the Association of Wireless Internet Providers in Mexico, a foundation that today brings together more than 150 companies.

Tarana Wireless, Inc. is a new category creator in ngFWA, powered by a number of well-proven breakthroughs in perfect, multidimensional optimization of radio signals.

Its G1 access platform overcomes previously insurmountable network economics challenges for service providers in both mainstream broadband and underserved markets, using free unlicensed spectrum.

Commercial deployments of G1 have exploded from zero to 2 million households passed in its first year of production. The company is headquartered in Milpitas, California, with additional research and development in Pune, India.