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International Women's Day

Spotlight on International Women’s Day | TelecomDrive.com

International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on 8th of March. It is a great occasion to celebrate the idea of empowerment nd enablement for women with – inclusion, diversity and freedom. Here is what the leading women from the tech and telecoms industry are saying on the occasion of Women’s Day 2024.

Serine Loh, Head of Culture & Talent, APAC, Qlik

“As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we would like to emphasize the importance of recognizing and celebrating the diversity, achievements, and contributions of women from all backgrounds, identities, and experiences. It means ensuring that the voices and experiences of all women, including those from marginalized communities such as women of color, LGBTQ+ women, women with disabilities, and women from different socioeconomic backgrounds, are provided with spaces and opportunities for dialogue, empowerment, and advocacy that are inclusive of all women, regardless of their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, or ability.

Women's Day

Qlik recognizes the unique struggles and experiences of marginalized women and are working towards creating a more equitable and inclusive environment where all women can thrive. We will continue to amplify the voices of women from diverse backgrounds, to collaborate with organizations that work specifically with marginalized women and communities, to provide resources and support for women facing intersecting forms of discrimination and oppression and other programs to embrace inclusivity to build a more just, equitable and inclusive society where women are valued, respected, and empowered to reach their full potential.”

Hwa Choo Lim, VP, Human Resources, Asia Pacific, Equinix

“This International Women’s Day, we celebrate the achievements of women who have overcome obstacles and shattered stereotypes. For years, Equinix has championed the empowerment of women through WomenConnect, which provides mentorship and support, ensuring every woman can excel within our organization.

Most recently, Equinix introduced “Equinix Hire Up Program”, an initiative incorporating Equinix hiring principles and a refined 6-step hiring process alongside comprehensive interview and talent selection skills training. This initiative underscores our dedication to fair and equitable hiring practices, attracting top talent to bolster Equinix’s transformation journey.

Specifically in India, we launched the Women Returnee Program to assist women on career breaks in rejoining the workforce to resume their professional journey. Through this pilot program, participants receive training and mentorship to equip them for the industry re-entry, fostering skills and confidence essential for success.

Our proactive efforts to address gender bias and inequality have led to a notable increase in gender representation in recent years. Establishing 9 Employee Engagement and Collaboration Networks (EECNs) and 35 WeAreEquinix teams demonstrates our commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive culture. These endeavors yielded tangible results, with a significant 13% year-over-year increase in our global female workforce as reported in our 2023 earnings.

At Equinix, we recognize that diverse perspectives drive continued innovation and advancement. We remain unwavering in our commitment to creating opportunities that empower women and contribute to a more balanced and thriving organization.”

Aruna C. Newton, Vice President, Head – Diversity and Inclusion, ESG Governance & Reporting, Infosys

“At Infosys, we celebrate the inspiring journeys of our women employees who are shaping the future of technology across industries. We have built several high quality, very intentional developmental interventions, that are active year-long, to affirm our commitment to enable women to enjoy the careers they aspire for. Some examples include, ‘#amTheFuture’ a leadership coaching program, in partnership with Stanford GSB, the Infosys ‘Orbit Next’ program for managers, ‘Tech Cohere’ a program that focuses on nurturing and building a vibrant and collaborative tech community of engineers, architects and technologists to refine architecture design and software engineering practices, and mentorship interventions. Our efforts extend to nurturing the creation of powerful supportive ecosystems that inspire inclusion. Our campaign for International Women’s Day 2024 #SpotltToStoplt, focuses on action that all stakeholders including women themselves can take to create awareness around microaggressions that are the result of unconscious gender bias and act on them to inspire inclusion.”

Belinda Pervan, Vice President, APJ Marketing, Veeam Software

“International Women’s Day (IWD) is the time for everyone, not just women, to be reminded of the importance of ongoing education, making space for conversations, and celebrating the positive impact of diverse teams. It’s also a great time to check-in with ourselves for unconscious biases and how we can personally impact our community. I’m a passionate believer in the power of mentoring. Inspiration and confidence comes from meeting others who have been through relatable situations and learning from how they overcame challenges. For this very reason, I co-lead Mentor Walks in Singapore, providing women with bi-monthly walking mentoring sessions around the beautiful Marina Bay Sands I’m also part of a women’s networking group, LeanIn Circle, aimed at supporting women in their career ambitions and leadership challenges. These women come from diverse backgrounds, but all share similar challenges and vulnerabilities. The support I’ve seen and received in these groups has shown me the value of community and network, and that everyone needs support at different times. I’ve seen some incredible examples of inspiring inclusivity within these communities, for example mentees inviting and encouraging each other to network and embrace new opportunities.”

Kavitha Ramachandragowda, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Routematic

“The technology landscape in our country is witnessing a powerful transformation as women carve their path, proving that brilliance, determination, and ambition knows no gender. Women are shattering stereotypes and emerging as powerful, influential leaders, contributing significantly to the success of enterprises, job creation, and India’s economy. According to Women’s in India’s Startup Ecosystem Report, the women’s entrepreneurial landscape is on an upward trajectory in India. My advice to aspiring female leaders is to believe in your capabilities and grab the boundless opportunities ahead. Establish clear limits, assign tasks strategically, give importance to both personal and professional well-being, and make sure you have a robust support network around you. The perseverance, fearless spirit, and drive, coupled with empathy, leadership, and communication skills that women naturally possess, will surely enable young women leaders to continue breaking barriers and thrive in their endeavours, leaving a lasting mark in the field of technology and innovation.”

Manisha Dubey, Head of IDEMIA India Foundation & VP Marketing Communications & Brand, IDEMIA

“In today’s digital world, skilling and development initiatives are essential for unlocking the vast potential of women. By providing access to opportunities and empowering women with relevant skills and knowledge, these programs enable them to close the gender gap in STEM fields and tech-related industries. Moreover, skilled women bring diverse perspectives and drive innovation, fostering creativity and pushing boundaries in technology and business. Economic empowerment follows suit as women secure higher-paying jobs and better economic opportunities, contributing to the prosperity of communities. Additionally, skilling programs cultivate adaptability and resilience, equipping women to thrive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. Ultimately, investing in the skilling and development of women not only benefits individuals but also drives societal and economic growth, creating a more inclusive and innovative future for all.”

Vaishnavi Shukla, HR Head, Comviva

“We acknowledge the remarkable achievements and unwavering dedication of women in the fast-growing tech and telecom industry, and we take immense pride in the resilience and invaluable contributions of women within our workforce. Our dedicated programs ensure women are supported at each of the crucial stages and milestones of their life and that they have equal opportunities to thrive and contribute meaningfully to our organization’s success. We are constantly engaged in accelerating our women leader’s careers and creating a workplace where every voice is valued and heard. From our comprehensive campus hiring programs to internal growth and promotions to an overall wellbeing intervention at each stage, we ensure a bias free mindset. As a result of this, our Gender diversity ratio has seen a rise of ~4% and we are absolutely thrilled about it. Comviva has put significant efforts in creating an enabling environment for female employees to grow where they can upskill themselves despite the daily challenges and we have made every stride towards that direction. Our commitment to supporting working mothers is demonstrated through comprehensive maternity leave benefits and on-site creche facilities at our offices. At Comviva, we are dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment where every woman can thrive and contribute meaningfully to our collective achievements.”

Picture Courtesy: Pixabay.com