Ericsson, ACES partner to drive indoor 5G in Saudi Arabia

Ericsson, ACES partner to drive indoor 5G in Saudi Arabia

Ericsson has announced a strategic three-year Neutral Host Provider (NHP) agreement with Advanced Communications and Electronics Systems (ACES), an international neutral host provider.

This agreement will enable ACES to provide cutting-edge Ericsson indoor products to multiple communications service providers (CSPs) and cater to the growing demands for enhanced 5G network connectivity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Fostering multi-operator infrastructure sharing to address rising demand for indoor connectivity will significantly improve user experience. With the rise of high-attraction landmarks and the need for network densification, it has become crucial to provide reliable and high-performing indoor solutions for portability, agility and flexibility.

The NHP agreement allows ACES to provide Ericsson indoor 5G products to service providers, enabling them to share the same infrastructure, and ensure cost-effective coverage expansion and efficient utilization of resources.

This agreement will establish a neutral host ecosystem, supporting CSPs in enhancing their indoor 5G coverage with flexibility and ease of operation and maintenance. It will contribute to the footprint expansion of indoor 5G networks across the Kingdom. By deploying Ericsson’s Radio Dot System, CSPs can deliver high-performing 5G connectivity to users in large locations such as airports, hotels, hospitals, stadiums, and shopping malls.

One of the key activations as a result of this agreement is enhancing the 5G indoor connectivity at an international airport in the Kingdom that welcomes millions of visitors regularly. The agreement paves the way for a resilient infrastructure in high-density locations.

Akram Aburas, Chief Executive Officer of ACES, says: “At ACES, we seek to empower businesses and individuals with a transformative digital experience, and our agreement with Ericsson is a momentous step towards that. With Ericsson’s cutting-edge indoor 5G solutions, we aim to create a neutral host ecosystem that offers seamless and high-performance connectivity in high-traffic indoor locations across the Kingdom. Our agreement with Ericsson will support and meet the surging demand for indoor connectivity across Saudi Arabia and unlock unparalleled opportunities for telecom operators to enrich their offerings and deliver exceptional user experiences.”

Ericsson’s indoor 5G solutions, powered by the Radio Dot System, will enable faster and more reliable network performance in indoor environments and will cater to the increasing need for seamless connectivity.

Håkan Cervell, Vice President and Head of Ericsson Saudi Arabia and Egypt at Ericsson Middle East and Africa, says: “By fostering a neutral host ecosystem, we are enabling communications service providers to embrace unprecedented flexibility and cost efficiency in their network expansion. Our indoor 5G solutions, powered by the Radio Dot System, will enhance how businesses and individuals experience seamless connectivity within indoor environments. We look forward to this agreement with ACES, which will ensure robust indoor 5G connectivity across the Kingdom, in line with Saudi Vision 2030, while setting new benchmarks for network performance that propel Saudi Arabia to the forefront of the global 5G revolution.”

To date, the Ericsson Radio Dot System has been deployed in more than 115 countries around the world in high-traffic indoor venues.