Wireless Backhaul: InfiNet to showcase Innovative PtP Wireless Solution at West Africa Com 2017

Infinet Wireless Logo

InfiNet Wireless, the global provider of fixed broadband wireless connectivity, will be showcasing its latest super-fast wireless solutions for the first time to the West African market during the West Africa Com 2017 event.

Able to fit in with a variety of applications such as 4G/LTE base station backhauling, digital oilfield connectivity and homeland security, the InfiLINK XG 1000 has been designed to specifically meet the backhauling needs of service providers and enterprises of all types and from all industry sectors.

It is the fastest Point-to-Point wireless solution available in the marketplace today. It can provide throughputs of up to 1 Gigabit per second over the air in 5 GHz license-free frequency bands, effectively doubling the capacity of InfiNet’s current high-performance solution, the InfiLINK XG.

“It has been just over a year since we first launched the InfiLINK XG family of wireless solutions, which was designed to be deployed into a large array of applications such as mobile backhaul, LAN-to-LAN connectivity, WAN extensions, etc,” said Kamal Mokrani, Global Vice President of InfiNet Wireless. “So the fact that we have launched yet another product in this area, i.e. the InfiLINK XG 1000, highlights the significant need in the marketplace for high performance solutions and our quick time-to-market strategy, all enhanced by a strong presence via our various channel partners in all corners of the world.”

Also on display at the booth will be the new addition to the successfully proven InfiMAN 2×2 Point-to-Multipoint product family, the R5000-Qmxb base station unit. It is equipped with the latest smart beam antenna technology, complemented by a new range of high-power subscriber terminals capable to transmit over distances of up to 20km even with the smallest of antennas.

InfiNet’s innovative product portfolio and wide range of solutions are just two of the reasons why the company is one of the most highly regarded wireless vendors in the market, catering for partners and end-users in countless environments across the world.

“Although our solutions are in high demand by thousands of end-users, we never take our customers for granted and are always keen to build on our existing close relationships and develop new ones. As West Africa looks to bridge the digital divide, we are very excited to display our latest technology at West Africa Com and demonstrate how our solutions can help,” added Kamal.

Exhibition visitors can see the InfiNet Wireless solutions at Stand 13, West Africa Com 2017, Radisson Blu Hotel, Dakar, Senegal, 11 – 12 July 2017.