Will Online Slots Keep the Smartphone Industry Alive?

Smartphone Industry

Smartphones have been revolutionary since their inception in the 2000s. They massively helped the internet and technology grow exponentially around the world over the last 15 years, but is there a chance they could be on the way out? With new platforms like augmented and virtual reality emerging, some analysts have speculated that smartphones may soon become obsolete.

There is a chance that useful handheld devices could remain in the mainstream, though. Online slots could play a major part in that, as the smartphone is the best way to play these games. These popular casino games could help keep the smartphone industry alive as technology progresses around it.


Online Slots are Perfectly Designed for Mobile

The smartphone industry and the online casino sector both boomed during the 2010s, and there’s no doubt that each one helped the other. Nowadays, most people who play online slots for real money log on from mobile, and the titles available today are geared towards the portable device. Games like Wild Wild Bass, Fox Mayhem, and Monsters Unchained all stretch to fill up the entire smartphone screen and this creates an immersive experience.

Reel spinners existed long before the smartphone came along, and they can be played on other devices like personal computers. However, it’s hard to dispute the fact that the handheld portable platform is the perfect setting for them. Indeed, it’s hard to think of a way slot games could be improved and whether they would have a place in virtual or augmented reality. If those platforms become mainstream items, it may be a case that players who want to play slots and other classic games need to keep smartphones. If the developers of these games keep improving their options for mobile, they could keep the smartphone industry alive when new technology comes to the fore.

Could Smartphones Become Outdated?

There have been some recent reports that Apple will soon stop making its hugely successful iPhone and focus on its mixed reality platform instead. Some have even speculated that the iPhone 15 could be the last offering with the Vision Pro release on the horizon. However, this seems unlikely. Apple will put a lot of focus into its new device that combines virtual and augmented reality, but it knows that it’s way too early to start moving away from the smartphone market.

Projections for the combined VR and AR market suggest it could blow up over the next decade, though, and that it will usher in a new era of internet known as Web3. When this comes to fruition, today’s advanced technology may seem old-fashioned and incapable of performing the tasks that are required in the new internet age. It’s at this point that smartphones could potentially become obsolete as everyday items. However, they may still be kept as retro gaming devices for people who want to access all the popular mobile games like online slots.

There’s no risk of smartphones disappearing any time soon. Developers are still putting a great deal of focus into building online slots for the platform. In the future, the devices may still be necessary for players who want to play slots in this format.

Picture Courtesy: Pexels