Why Telstra is investing in ‘Gorilla’, a video data and analytics company


In its bid to cater to the analytics needs of its set of customers and create big market differentiation, Telstra has announced it has made an equity investment in Gorilla Technology Group, a Taiwanese-based global leader in video analytics for business intelligence, security, enterprise unified communications, education, broadcast media and entertainment.

Telstra International President, Tim Chen, said Gorilla Technology Group’s software solutions enable their business customers to convert raw video into searchable data and real-time searchable video cataloguing. The retail, security, broadcast and government industries will benefit from Gorilla Technology Group’s solutions for scheduling and management and its video analytic software solutions in intelligent security and forensics.

“Telstra’s equity investment in Gorilla Technology Group will also allow the company to integrate its software into our network, and provide Gorilla the opportunity to resell the integrated solution to enterprise and government customers worldwide through our international connectivity and data centres. Gorilla Technology Group will also provide storage using Telstra’s Cloud solutions to its customers world-wide,” Chen said.

In tackling the huge demand for software-driven value-added services – especially in verticals such as retail, security, broadcast, and government – Telstra is a very good match for Gorilla’s expertise in video big data and analytics,” said Gorilla Technology CEO, Dr Spincer Koh. “Telstra’s state-of-the-art cloud and telco infrastructure and Gorilla’s software platforms and applications offer synergies for both companies to leverage in creating new business opportunities globally.”

At the NAB 2015 show in Las Vegas in April, Gorilla will announce the availability of its first line of broadcast video services on Telstra’s cloud infrastructure.

Telstra Ventures Managing Director, Matthew Koertge, said Telstra Ventures’ investment strategy is focused on high growth opportunities that offer technology and solutions that will leverage Telstra’s assets and we welcome Gorilla Technology Group to the Telstra Ventures portfolio.