Why people prefer online slots to casino


From the very first slot in the market, the first one-armed bandit machine the Liberty Bell, introduced by the American Charles Frey, to popular modern online mobile casino games like Starburst, Avalon or Thunderstruck more than a century has passed.

The casino industry has changed a lot. Their appearance online has innovated the way players play.  Also, the games are now accessible everywhere, anywhere and by everyone so the originally restricted niche who could play has been replaced by a new and more varied target.

Everybody can now play casino games, from the millennials to older people. Statistics also show they belong to very different social backgrounds.

Brief history

The very first slot appeared in 1895 and was a one-armed machine with only 3-reels. The mechanism was very easy. To start the game, a lever needed to be drawn.

The year 1963 has seen the launch of the first electromechanical slot called Money Honey. It was the first machine with automatic (and much bigger) pay-outs. 

The first video machine was launched in 1976. The Fortune Coin was the first one to have a more complex architecture and can be considered the precursor of modern slots. The introduction of the random number generator has made the traditional side lever disappear forever.

The first online casino, the InterCasino, appeared in 1996 and it counted only 18 casino games. 

3 Reasons why people prefer online slots 


You can play wherever you want, any time of the day. Do you have a long lunch break at work and you don’t know how to spend it? Deadtime waiting while getting your car fixed? Just log into your favourite casino and start playing your preferred slot.

Whether you only have an hour, two or half of your day free, it doesn’t matter. Playing online casino games is easy and quick. You can do it at your pace.

Variety of slots available

The first distinction we have to make regards the number of reels. You can find 3-reels, 5-reels, 7-reels and 9-reel slots. The more reels, the more pay lines. This means that the ones with the highest number of both are more articulated (and often more rewarding thanks to many extra bonus icons) than games with a simple architecture.

Animal themed (try Great Rhino), slots based on legendary people or big conquerors (Gonzo’s Quest), games about fierce peoples of warriors (the Vikings saga) or best movies slots or cartoon (Beauty and Beast). Another reason that makes online casino that appreciated is their unmatched variety. 

Casino bonus offers

Last but not least there are all the bonus offers that only online casinos provide to their customers.

From extraordinary welcome bonuses that allow customers to even double their initial deposit (or get hundreds of extra spins) to prizes that does not require you any deposit (no-deposit bonuses) and still awards you. 

Players who choose online casinos know they can get a lot from all these offers.

With such a varied offer, you just need to compare some casino policies. Then, you’ll be ready to choose the best one for your needs.