Which are the most popular cricket leagues in India?


Cricket is without a doubt the most popular sport all around India. In spite of the fact that it is not a national game, cricket matches are featured with much more higher attendance than it is in England — the native country of the sport.

The popularity has especially grown in 21 century. It is mostly connected with series of successful international matches of India T20 National Team. Its success was the main reason for intensive development of local Cricket Boards.

With a strong support of sponsors, including some cricket betting sites in India, professional cricket clubs were formed all around the country. They have united and formed some Men and Women Leagues. In this review you will find short descriptions of the most popular cricket leagues in the country. The first one that is without a doubt #1 in the world is IPL (Indian Premier League). We emphasize once again that we are talking about the T20 — the most common type of game nowadays.


In 2008 BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) founded the first professional cricket league in the country. It consists of eight most powerful clubs in the country. They represent eight different cities. Each team has its owner — Business Company, TV Network, etc. Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super Kings, and Kolkata Knight Riders were the champions more often than others. IPL is considered to be the most popular cricket league all around the world. Its average attendance is 25,000 – 40,000 per match. Experts mark that after 2019 season IPL brand value has raised up to $6.7 billion. So, this Indian cricket league is with no doubt #1 in popularity both among fans and betters.

State Cricket Leagues

Great success of the main National League IPL caused the formation of various cricket clubs in most Indian cities and towns. Of course, they also wanted to compete in professional level. So, some States one by one began to form local leagues. Their winners get chance to change the eighth IPL team. The first of such leagues was formed in 2016 (TNPL). In 2020 year there are about ten of such formations that provide regular State Championships in T20. Next you will find some information about the most popular of these leagues.


Tamil Nadu Premier League was founded in 2016. As well as IPL, it consists of eight teams. The most famous one is Chepauk Super Gillies from Chennai. It has won TNPL Tournament twice of four seasons. Moreover, this team has the largest cricket stadium in Tamil Nadu State. Each final venue of this league is held in this sports arena.

Telangana T20 Premier League

This second State League in India was founded in 2018. It was provided by Hyderabad Cricket Association in the State of Telangana. The cast of it is two teams more than in IPL and TNPL. This local formation consists of ten teams. Adilabad Tigers has become the first Telangana T20 Premier League champion in 2018.

T20 Mumbai League

In 2018 one else popular Cricket State League was founded. It was organized by MCA (Mumbai Cricket Association). There are eight teams from various Mumbai cities in the league. North Mumbai Panthers was a champion in 2019 year.

The number of Indian Cricket State Leagues continues to grow. We have mentioned just some of T20 Men Championships that are the most popular in the country. There are also tournaments in Test and ODI. Moreover, Indian Women Cricket Leagues number is growing fast. Such a feature is quite positive for the fans of the game and for betters that make money on it.

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