What Should the Vaping Industry Expect in the Near Future?


If somebody told you that people would eventually turn to electronic cigarettes, you might have scoffed at them. That’s because most people couldn’t imagine a merge of technology and cigarettes. However, this is now the reality. And the vaping industry has continued to grow since its emergence.

But 2020 was among the worst years for the vaping industry. Almost every vaping company suffered the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some vape companies couldn’t produce and supply vaping hardware. But things could be good moving forward for this sector. The vaping market is likely to recover and continue growing as the trend has been in the last years.

Some experts predict a better outcome for this industry after 2021. But, how will this happen? Experts believe that the vaping sector will be worth $20 billion towards the end of this year. They further predict that it could hit the $30 billion mark by 2022. Here are more things to expect shortly in the vaping sector.

Smoking Revolution

It’s no doubt that products like best pod vape have revolutionized smoking. Smoking was a socially unacceptable habit. However, vaping has replaced it as more people consider it a healthier alternative. People want to quit their smoking habit for health reasons. Others think vaping is a fantastic habit when compared to traditional smoking.

Regardless of the reasons to kick the smoking habit, people have many incentives to motivate them to switch to vaping. But research that suggests that vaping is a healthier cigarette smoking alternative and possibly a means to quit smoking continues to prompt more people to change. Thus, vaping is a trend that will continue to gain popularity going to the future.

Expansion of the Vaping Community

The world has around 41 million vapers. The U.S is the leading market for vaping products, followed by the U.K, France, Germany, China, and then Canada. The vaping industry could look tiny compared to Big Tobacco. However, e-cigarettes make a 7% of the nicotine market in the United States. However, this doesn’t mean that the vaping industry’s future does not look rosy.

Vaping popularity continues to grow. The number of people who consider devices like the best pod vapes as healthier alternatives to traditional cigarettes continues to grow. What’s more, vapers can now enjoy different flavors using affordable devices. And this appeals to new and experienced vapers. The increasing awareness of the differences between traditional smoking and vaping will attract more people to this habit, leading to an expanding community of vapers.

Vape Device Evolution

Vaping companies continue to produce more innovative devices for vapers. Today, you can get a refillable pod vape with your preferred design and functionalities. Technological advancements in the industry enable these companies to develop vape devices that produce safer and cleaner vapes.

What’s more, designers are developing more custom and efficient products. The increasing demand for these devices has led to the introduction of unique products that cater to various customers’ needs. The current market has first, second, and third generations of vaping products. You can also find a vape device that you can sync to your smartphone.

The industry doesn’t seem to stop soon because vapers now enjoy devices with digital displays, temperature controls, and wattage mix-up options. Essentially, the vaping industry will continue to produce more innovative devices.

Some current and future devices in the fourth generation are smaller with better battery life, efficiency, and they allow users to personalize their vaping experience and enjoy more flavors. For some people, such developments mean this is the ideal time to become a vaper.

Introduction of Supportive or Restrictive Regulations

Reinforcement of laws or regulations is among the things that will shape the vaping industry’s future. For instance, the FDA is extending its role as a monitor for companies that manufacture vaporizers, e-cigarettes, and vape pens. This role also includes observing the procedures that vape companies use to develop and market their products. Consequently, some regulations like prohibitions and bans on some devices or products could harm some companies. Nevertheless, experts expect the FDA to introduce rules that will enhance the safety of their users.

Advanced Technology

Like other industries, the vaping sector is likely to enjoy technological advancement. The internet of things, in particular, can positively impact this industry. IoT comprises a network of objects with software and sensors that enhance their communication and data exchange.

Today, the best pod system vape uses Bluetooth technology to enable the user to lock the vape remotely seamlessly. Such technology allows the user to ensure that children can’t use the device. Technologies like Bluetooth and internet connectivity and other advancements will lead to easy-to-use, clean, and customized devices. Some companies are even developing voice-controlled vapes.

Final Thoughts

Vaping is already a popular trend globally. Traditional cigarette smokers continue switching to vaping. 2020 was undoubtedly a challenging year for various industries, including the vaping sector. However, the future looks bright, and experts predict significant growth in this sector. With more people switching to vaping for varied reasons, the industry will continue to grow stronger shortly.

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