Welcom Net Taps ADTRAN to Bring Gigabit Services to Finland

Gigabit Connectivity

ADTRAN, Inc., the provider of next-generation open networking and subscriber experience solutions, has announced its deployment plans with Welcom Net, a Finnish alternative network operator focused on utilizing ADTRAN’s gigabit-ready, fiber extension portfolio to rapidly extend gigabit services to business properties in Helsinki, regardless of the building age.

Welcom Net will leverage ADTRAN’s Mosaic access domain SDN controller and orchestrator to manage the gigabit services upgrade of existing customers and accelerate the on-boarding of hundreds of enterprise Multi-Tenant Units (MTU) over the next three years.

Welcom Net selected ADTRAN’s local reseller partner BCC Solutions to manage the planning, installation and management of this exciting network upgrade. BCC Solutions worked with Welcom Net to select a broadband technology upgrade path that overcame the logistical challenges and business disruption concerns of the Helsinki MTU broadband market.

This simplification was achieved by leveraging ADTRAN’s industry-leading Gfast fiber extension portfolio, affording Welcom Net a rapidly-deployable, gigabit-ready broadband service that also transparently supports the original DSL broadband services within the same building, further eliminating upgrade interruptions.

“Our customers want to be able to fully participate in the Gigabit Economy. For many that work in historic buildings downtown, full fiber is not an option today, so we are finding alternative technologies to support gigabit speeds,” said Pasi Lahtinen, ICT Manager at Welcom Net. “With ADTRAN, we found the broadest range of gigabit fiber extension solutions, and through our partner BCC Solutions, we were quickly able to satisfy the gigabit demand across all of our business customers. Rapidly providing the bandwidth they need, along with our flexible, scalable services infrastructure, we have created a disruptive foundation that will support our growth today, tomorrow and into the future.”

“Gfast technology is reinventing the way gigabit broadband is delivered in Finland,” said Mikko Kivilinna, Project Manager at BCC Solutions. “The breadth of ADTRAN’s Gfast fiber extension solutions is helping create meaningful opportunities for carriers across the Nordics, to build networks the way they should be built – fast, nimble and scalable.”

For Welcom Net, deploying the ADTRAN Gfast solution was simple and straightforward. It offers high-value, high-bandwidth services—previously only available over fiber—to buildings where deploying fiber cables isn’t feasible due to historic property requirements. Management of the new network service is provided by the ADTRAN MosaicTM Cloud Platform, which unlocks control and management functions from the underlying network elements, enabling more flexible, agile service delivery across the entire access network domain.

“ADTRAN is focused on helping all of our customers build their best networks so that any customer, over any infrastructure, can engage in our gigabit societies to fully leverage all the business, communications and collaboration applications available in today’s digital economy,” said Stuart Broome, Regional VP Sales at ADTRAN. “ADTRAN’s leadership in delivering open, scalable and flexible gigabit broadband solutions is changing the way networks are designed, built and managed.”