Warsaw Stock Exchange becomes a Colt PrizmNet provider

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Colt Technology Services has announced a partnership with the Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW), which operates the biggest markets in Central and Eastern Europe, now making it accessible via PrizmNet, Colt’s financial extranet.

As a PrizmNet provider, GPW’s clients will now have rapid, cost-effective access to Colt’s high bandwidth, low latency connectivity as well as a global financial markets ecosystem of key equity trading venues and service providers.

These services include:

•Order routing and execution services
•Market data feeds
•MiFID II and other regulatory compliance services
•Cloud services
•Software, analytics and data management services

The Warsaw Stock Exchange Group (GPW Group) operates trading platforms for shares, Treasury and corporate bonds, derivatives, electricity and gas, and calculates the benchmarks WIBOR and WIBID.

For Colt, the partnership with GPW marks the latest in a series of Colt PrizmNet providers, including the Belgrade, Budapest, Kazakhstan, Prague, Slovenia, Zagreb and Vienna Stock Exchanges. By continuing to strengthen its capital markets coverage in Central and Eastern Europe, Colt is providing global and local organisations with simpler, more cost-effective access to critical venues in the region.

This collaboration also follows the wider organisation’s investment in the region, with Colt having recently announced an expansion of its IQ Network to Central and Eastern Europe. This expansion will connect major hubs in the region with more than 7,000km of new fibre infrastructure. The cities which will be connected include; Sofia (Bulgaria), Zagreb (Croatia), Brno (Czech Republic), Prague (Czech Republic), Budapest (Hungary), Krakow (Poland), Warsaw (Poland), Bucharest (Romania), Belgrade (Serbia) and Bratislava (Slovakia).

“GPW’s newly established relations with the renowned partner Colt, providing access to its global network PrizmNet, will diversify the GPW’s offer of telecommunication vendors. We want to open the broadest possible access to GPW markets, where every client can find a service provider addressing the client’s need for services,” said Izabela Olszewska, Member of the Management Board of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

“Financial institutions are eager to connect to GPW using Colt PrizmNet, whose high bandwidth, deterministic low latency access is a cost-effective choice compared with other options,” said Matthew Reinholds, Colt’s Head of Capital Markets for the US and Europe. “We know our partnership with GPW is welcomed by local brokers as well as by businesses elsewhere in Europe and the US, who want easier access to this important Central and Eastern European market.”

Colt PrizmNet connects a global capital markets ecosystem of 140+ exchanges, venues and service providers; and 10,000+ market participants.