How VSaaS can create opportunities for operators


Zia Askari
At a time when telecom operators are looking at increasing the Average Revenue Per User, next generation services such as Video Surveillance as a service or VSaaS can create new age opportunities for the telecom segment.

VSaaS is a service that can be delivered to different market segments of enterprise, SMB and even end user customers wherein different set of customers can benefit from surveillance solutions at their fingertips. Today there are already a lot of applications that can integrate IP based surveillance solutions and provide output on smartphones or tablets.


Talking about this concept, Sudhindra Holla, Country Manager, Axis Communications India said that there are many applications that can be run on such VSaaS systems. “There are clear advantages of VSaaS model, and the technology is there to support such a service. It is just a matter of time and willingness of the industry players to get involved and create efficient business models that can support this idea,” he added.

As far as the delivery of VSaaS is concerned, it would have a mix of telecom operators, cloud service providers and the surveillance technology providers – there would be telecom operators who will take the service to the end user level, cloud service providers can provide the medium to seamlessly integrate such a service delivery and surveillance technology providers such as Axis can help the overall ecosystem to realize the full potential of VSaaS.

“Today most of the operators are looking forward to increasing their ARPU. These kind of services are ideal to help them in this direction. For SMB and enterprise this would translate to better managed surveillance solutions, and even for end users it can help them ensure the safety of their premises at a nominal monthly cost,” he ads on.

Hyderabad based Provigil Surveillance Ltd is one such company which is involved into delivering VSaaS driven remote monitoring with surveillance for its customers.

“There are huge opportunities in this segment and as we are set to move towards more IP driven surveillance solutions, moving forward we will see more action in this segment, where telecom operators can surely benefit as well” he explained.

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