Infineon Innovates to Optimize Antenna Efficiency in 4G Smartphones, Tablets


Riding high on its drive towards innovation, Germany’s Infineon Technologies AG has expanded its offering on efficient IC solutions for the RF front end. The company has introduced a series of antenna tuning ICs. The new family of antenna aperture tuning switches are instrumental to improve end user experience in 4G smartphones and tablets.

They fundamentally optimize antenna characteristics to allow for highest data rate operation in relevant LTE bands. The BGA1xGN10 ICs are provided in the smallest packages available on the market, which is critical for the space limited applications in the latest generation of smartphones and other portable devices. In addition they are enabling further reduction of current consumption resulting in longer stand-by and operational hours of such devices.

The antenna tuning devices based on Infineon’s RF CMOS switch technology allows the development of antennas in smartphones of reduced size and broader frequency range. Innovative features enable improved impedance matching for a single antenna across a wide frequency range, and therefore reduce power stress on the transmitter side and increase sensitivity on the receiver side.

They are designed for high ruggedness, low parasitics and highest linearity in order to withstand critical mismatch conditions at the antenna. The new tuning ICs are key to optimize antenna efficiency in relevant LTE bands. Improved antenna efficiency directly translates into better signal quality and fastest data transmission. All devices offer generic GPIO interfaces for smooth antenna control and system integration.

“Introducing the new family of antenna tuning solutions, Infineon broadens its footprint and product portfolio in the RF front-end for smart phone applications,” stated Philipp Schierstaedt, Vice President and General Manager of the Business Unit RF & Protection Devices at Infineon Technologies. “Combined with our offering on LNAs, protection ICs and antenna switches the new antenna tuning solutions will help our customers to develop smartphones and other related products with improved end user experience on behalf of reception quality, battery lifetime and reliability.”

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