Vodafone rolls out of 4G-Ready SIMs in Mumbai, 4G Services to be Launched Soon

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As part of the operator’s effort to help customers embrace 4G in a seamless fashion, Vodafone is rolling out availability of 4G SIMs in Mumbai and now the customers can upgrade to 4G SIMs at their convenience at 56 Vodafone stores across Mumbai.

As Vodafone India enters the final stages of bringing the World’s largest 4G network to Mumbai, it announced today, the availability of 4G SIMs for its customers at all of its 56 exclusive stores located at prominent locations in and around Mumbai.

To avail 4G services, customers will need to have a 4G-enabled handset and a new 4G-Ready SIM card. To ensure a smooth and seamless exchange of 4G-ready SIMs, these are being made available in advance of the commercial launch of Vodafone’s 4G services in Mumbai. A formal announcement regarding the launch, which is expected soon, will be made in due course.

Customers can walk into any nearby Vodafone store and get their 4G-ready SIM with a hassle free exchange process. With the new 4G-ready SIM, they will continue to enjoy uninterrupted mobile internet experience as per their existing plans and will be automatically upgraded to 4G as soon as the services are launched commercially.

Announcing this, Ishmeet Singh, Business Head–Mumbai, Vodafone India, said, “Vodafone is the leading telecommunication services provider in Mumbai and our 8.6 million customers have a lot to look forward to. We want our customers to be 4G-ready so that they can start experiencing the benefits of high speed mobile internet services as soon as they are launched commercially. Hence, this facility to upgrade to 4G-ready SIMs in advance. We are excited and fully geared up to launch our 4G services on the superior 1800 MHz band in Mumbai very soon.”

Vodafone has successfully tested its 4G services on its robust network architecture coupled with strong backup to support the expected volumes and speed requirements of its customers. In the past few months, Vodafone has invested significantly in modernizing its existing network, incorporating the latest advances in technology making it more resilient and energy efficient.

Customers can switch to a 4G-ready SIM following these easy steps

1. Walk in to any nearby Vodafone Store and place your request for 4G-Ready SIM

2. After proper identification process & 4G enabled handset compatibility check, you will receive the new 4G-SIM card.

3. To activate the card, use your existing Vodafone number to SMS ‘SIMEX ’ to 55199 (this number will be available on the new SIM card/jacket given to you)

4. You will receive a response SMS from 55199 with partial SIM number entered

5. Please send the last 6 digits of the new SIM number to 55199 within 2 hours of receiving the SMS mentioned in the above step

6. You will receive a success SMS, post which your 4G-Ready SIM will be activated within 5-10 minutes.

7. Subsequently, replace your old SIM in the handset with the new 4G-Ready SIM and continue to enjoy un-interrupted Vodafone services.

8. You will enjoy benefits of high speed 4G services as soon as they are launched commercially.

In case customers face any issues with the SIMEX process, they can call 199 or seek assistance from our staff at any Vodafone retail store.

Vodafone is also making arrangements of home delivery of 4G-ready SIMs for its premium high-value customers in Mumbai. A formal communication is being sent out to all these customers with details of the initiative

Vodafone has already launched its high speed 4G services in Kerala. The intensity of its roll-out will continue with major metros like Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Delhi to be launched by March 2016.

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