Vodafone Picks Ciena to Launch Data Centre Connect


To respond to the ongoing increases in data use, Vodafone Infrastructure Partners has launched Vodafone Data Centre Connect (DCC) in collaboration with Ciena to provide wholesale and business customers with a reliable, secure fibre optic network for the high-capacity transport of voice, data and video.

Vodafone Data Centre Connect provides a nationwide fabric, connecting data centres directly to each other, delivering point-to-point connectivity between data centres in New Zealand and public clouds.

Based on new Colourless-Directionless-Contentionless (CDC) and flexible grid optical multiplexers, the network platforms provide the highest degree of agility and flexibility with the ability to send any service anywhere in the network, dynamically.

The DCC service has been designed as a competitive and simple commercial construct, encapsulated in one end-to-end product.

This deployment will allow Vodafone Infrastructure Partners (VIP) to offer its wholesale customers super high data transfer capabilities, including 100G, 200G and 400G Wavelength Services, underpinned by robust technical architecture and technology from the industry-leading optical vendor Ciena.

Murray Osborne, Head of Vodafone Infrastructure Partners, says: “Having secure, reliable and high-performing connectivity services is critical for large data centres, and Vodafone Data Centre Connect is a game-changer in New Zealand. We’ve designed this solution with built-in redundancy to secure network availability and result in a decreased failure risk along critical data paths.

“Tapping into Ciena’s global expertise, Vodafone Data Centre Connect is designed with security and reliability at the forefront.

“We know that time to service activation is important for our ‘VIPs’, so we have pre-installed nodes to make it much quicker to get customers up and running.”

By offering up to 400G wavelength services and upgrade options, Vodafone’s wavelength service is enabling bandwidth-hungry services and online applications that require fast, high capacity, low-latency connectivity.

Vodafone’s network is powered by Ciena’s WaveLogic Ai and WaveLogic 5 Extreme programmable coherent optics. With Ciena’s WaveLogic technology, Vodafone can adapt its network to be more scalable, intelligent, and ideally positioned to respond to evolving connectivity demands. Vodafone New Zealand is part of the Ciena Partner Network, which provides access to tools, content and programs that help accelerate growth amid changing market and technology conditions.