Vodafone enables independent living with digital healthcare

Vodafone enables independent living with digital healthcare

In Jersey, an island lying south of England’s coast, the government is facing an increasing, aging population. By 2036, around one in five of the population will reach over the age of 651, and will therefore be likely to need care and support for various long-term conditions. What’s more, because islanders pay for their GP but not for emergency care, they are much more likely to let problems worsen.

To ensure islanders get the care they need, when they need it, the Government of Jersey wanted to create a new, preventative and person-centred care system.

Giving peace of mind

Working together, Vodafone and Airtel-Vodafone partnered with Access Group UK to deliver the Access Assure home hub, a 4G device that is paired with pendant alarms to help monitor an individual in their home.

Vodafone enables independent living with digital healthcare

The accompanying app means families and carers can stay up to date by receiving regular alerts, giving them peace of mind, but also letting them know if their relative or patient needs help.

As a result, the service allows people to live independently in their own home for longer rather than needing to move into a care home environment.

“I have been able to step back and my dad now feels he has more control over his own life. He doesn’t fully understand how the system works but he certainly felt the change in behaviours of all his relatives, which he loves. His independence and confidence have grown massively, and he now wants to reduce his own care package for more independence,” said the daughter of an 81-year-old user.

Vodafone enables independent living with digital healthcare
So how does it work?

Tracked around the clock by the Government of Jersey’s Health and Community Services and the emergency call system in Jersey (HCS24), users can take charge of their own well-being while having emergency support should they need it.

Users can also proactively reach out to the HSC24 response centre at the touch of a button when they urgently require help. The response team will then decide on what response is required, whether that’s an ambulance, care visit, doctor, community nurse, family member or friend.

HCS24 was launched in 1991 specifically for elderly people living alone in the community and for people with disabilities. There are about 1,000 alarms in operation in Jersey, and on average three emergency calls are handled each week.

In addition, users and caregivers can pick and choose the right type of technology-enabled care package that fits their needs which allows the most vulnerable islanders to be involved in the decisions around their care and feel more reassured and safer, living in the comfort of their own homes.

More independent living

Launched in July 2022, there are now approximately 1,300 customers using the home hub solution in Jersey.

Looking ahead, we’re about to begin the rollout of new features as part of the home hub solution. By using fall detectors and bed and location sensors around the house, we hope to better monitor individuals and by adding individual’s care routines and daily reminders to the device. This way, carers and family will be able to spot if an individual has missed a regular activity and can check in to make sure they are okay.

By focusing on preventative care, The Government of Jersey are preserving the independence and quality of life for its elderly islanders and for those with disabilities and additional needs.