Vodafone boosting its 4G network in New South Wales

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Vodafone has announced it is boosting its 4G mobile network across select areas in New South Wales, providing improved 4G services and capacity to more than two million local customers.

Vodafone’s mobile network is made up of a range of different spectrum frequencies which support voice calls and data usage for its customers. The upgrades involve converting 2100MHz spectrum, currently used in the 3G network, for use in the 4G network.

Vodafone’s Chief Technology Officer, Kevin Millroy said the work will complement the changing usage behaviour of Vodafone’s customers.

“We are always working to give our customers the best possible network experience. Over recent years we have seen huge changes to the traffic carried on Vodafone’s mobile network,” he said.

“Our mobile customers are using more and more data. Over 90 percent use the 4G network, with 4G data usage across our network increasing by 58 per cent during 2018.

“This upgrade will ensure the 4G network gets a capacity boost, so more of our customers can use their data to stream their favourite content or use social media, while still keeping our 3G network strong. Once the work is complete in each state, we will be delivering even better service to more than 90 per cent of Vodafone’s mobile subscribers across Australian metro areas.”

As a result of the upgrades, some older devices that are only compatible with 3G 2100MHz spectrum will no longer work after the spectrum is converted to the 4G network.

“A small number of older mobile devices that are only compatible with 3G 2100MHz spectrum won’t work when the spectrum becomes part of the 4G network. We encourage those customers to get in touch with us before the work begins to ensure there is no interruption to their service,” said Millroy.

“We have a huge range of mobile devices and offers that our customers can choose from. Upgrading from the 3G network brings a wealth of new opportunity, faster speeds and exciting phone features. With the new capacity, there’s room for everyone to enjoy Vodafone’s superfast 4G network.”

Vodafone’s mobile subscribers in the ACT are already experiencing the benefits of the newly allocated 4G 2100Mhz spectrum, with work in New South Wales to begin on 18 March. Upgrades in Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia will happen throughout 2019.