Vocus Group Transforms Network with Blue Planet to Accelerate Digital Experiences


Vocus Group, a fiber and network solutions provider in Australia and New Zealand, has selected intelligent automation software solutions from Blue Planet, a division of Ciena, to accelerate its network transformation and provide a cloud-like experience for users.

With the advanced software, Vocus is able to build an adaptive network that is agile and reliable, and that will also help reduce unnecessary costs.

Vocus has more than 30,000km of fiber optic cable and 5,000 buildings connected to its network, as well as future connectivity to an additional 20,000 buildings.

Following a series of acquisitions over recent years and a strong drive to digitize its business, Vocus is building a new network that isn’t constrained by legacy and manually intensive silos. Blue Planet’s open and standards-based design was a key factor in Vocus’ decision and streamlines its ability to differentiate services and avoid vendor lock-in.

Vocus is utilizing the Blue Planet portfolio, including Multi-Domain Service Orchestration, Inventory and Route Optimization and Assurance for end-to-end visibility across its multi-layer network and to automate and optimize business processes. Another key aspect of this network transformation is Blue Planet Professional Services, which enables faster time to deployment for Vocus.

“Our customers increasingly want a very simple and seamless experience when working with us, similar to how they interact with everyday consumer digital offerings. With automation from Blue Planet, we are able to execute on our customer-first strategy by building a network that is fast, dependable and enables them to have greater control,” said, Kevin Russell, Chief Executive Officer, Vocus Group.

“Forward-thinking leaders like Vocus understand the need for intelligent automation software to deliver strong digital engagement between service providers and customers. With Blue Planet, Vocus can quickly adapt to user demands and compete in a marketplace where speed is paramount,” explained, Rick Hamilton, Senior Vice President, Blue Planet, a division of Ciena.

Vocus Group Limited is Australia’s specialist fiber and network solutions provider, connecting all mainland capitals with Asia. Regionally, Vocus has back haul fiber connecting most regional centres in Australia.

Vocus also operates an extensive and modern network in New Zealand, connecting the country’s capitals and most regional centres. In total, the Vocus terrestrial network is c.30,000 route-km of high performance, high availability fibre-optic cable supported by 4,600km of submarine cable connecting Singapore, Indonesia and Australia and 2,100km of submarine cable between Port Hedland and Darwin and connecting offshore oil and gas facilities in the Timor Sea.

Vocus owns a portfolio of brands catering to enterprise, government, wholesale, small business and residential customers across Australia and New Zealand.