VivaConnect – Expanding the Horizon of Mobile Marketing


At a time when marketing is playing a strategic role in terms of determining the success of a brand, Mumbai based VivaConnect, a mobile marketing focused organization is engaged in developing unique mobile initiatives and experiences for brands, Television Networks and Enterprises, interacted with Vikram Raichura, Managing Director, VivaConnect Pvt Ltd on the importance of mobile marketing in today’s challenging business scenario.

How important is mobile marketing for brands today?

Mobile marketing is just like oxygen to brands survival in this modern day market battleground, where not even a corner is spared free of advertising.

Now it’s become highly essential for extending services over mobile for every brand regardless of their product or service. The reason is quite simple, Mobile phones have grown from being just a calling device and have become a splendid one point connect with the world. And today, a mobile phone not only brings the world to us, but even takes us to the world.

And hence, today it is needless to say that more and more people are seeking their favorite brands over their mobile screens, so they better be there!

How and what can right mobile marketing techniques do for the brands?

Right mobile marketing move can elevate a brand just the way ‘Daag acche hain’ campaign did for Surf excel, positioning it a class apart from crowd of washing powders.

Similarly brands can take such innovative campaigns over mobile. Say with a toll free number where mothers or for that sake even the fathers can call and let the brand know how they let their kids enjoy their young days. People love talking about their kids and how amazing they are. Brand can surely expect a thunderstorm of calls and garner massive engagement. The bottom line is, people love the brands who listen to them eagerly.

The above mentioned is just one case, there are plenty more of innovative implementations over Voice & Missed call services. Moreover the result is scalable and great for analytics.

In today’s scenario, brands are very much interested in helping themselves by adding value to their set of customers. Where can your solutions help in this direction?

Adding value to one’s set of customers is a good thing, rather a vital thing as every customer wants to be valued and very well deserves it.

Our solutions empower brands by being ‘just a missed call away’, exactly the way friends and dear ones are. Being that special adds up great value in terms of reliability.

We establish a connect through Voice calls, Missed calls, Mobile Apps, SMS & Email services. The beauty of our offering is in the way we bundle these service together for a brands requirement. We always have a customized solution for them with a spoonful of creativity.

Please share your go to market strategy as well. Do you position your solutions with solution providers?

We periodically revive our services for opening up new possibilities of reach over mobile. You see the services of voice calls & SMS remain at the core of our products, but the way they’re used makes the whole difference. Like the birth of “Missed call service”, which is nothing more than a call being disconnected post a ring. Yet it’s interestingly used for “Balance check service” or to vote someone from reality show and so on. We’re in process of productizing our services too.

Talking of the positioning, our solutions cannot be compared directly to any other as we deliver customized solutions for every brand. We have the largest infrastructure of voice & missed call in India with 950 PRI lines that establish connect over mobile between brands & their customers. Our offering encompasses services of Voice Calls, Missed calls, Mobile Apps, SMS & Emails. They are innovatively crafted to match the requirement.

Our solution clearly stands apart, with services coming at Zero Cost to the end user. Customers enjoy them without spending a single paisa.

Please name any of your major customers and what value are they getting from your solutions?

Our clientele includes brands & enterprises from various sectors of business.  Spanning from hospitality, FMCG, media houses to banks, political parties, stock broking firms etc.

We are the official voting partner for Zee Cine Awards 2014, handling votes cast by viewers across India over Missed call service. Even previously we had handled voting for Zee Dance India Dance Lil’ masters season 2.

Our product LiveTalk is audio broadcasting Shri. Narendra Modi’s live speech across India over a call, covering all the rallies undertaken by BJP’s Prime ministerial candidate since October 2013 to now.

We have designed and delivered state of art Food ordering mobile application for Box8, a chain of Mexican food serving QSR around Mumbai, A pizzeria chain of Pizza Corner that operates across India with 75 outlets, snacks ordering from Sandwizzaa, and so on.

We have regulated enterprises with inter-organizational mobile apps like Drishti, a sales force automation mobile app which regulates the operations and coordination of GLB Hi-Tech Lenses. The app is extensively used by 5000+ employees and vendors.

What kind of future does mobile marketing platforms have specially for a country like India?

Services are converging over Mobile and Mobile marketing not only holds a bright future, but it would pretty soon be considered into main stream marketing strategy and not a subsidiary. People are expecting every brand to be over mobile.

Mobile marketing is very well shedding out the perception of being just a promotional service and is embraced as an essential means of engage, interact & connect.