Viettel Peru Extends LTE Network, Backbone Connectivity with Ceragon’s IP-20 Platform


Ceragon to enable rapid 4G network deployment in challenging terrains, allowing Viettel Peru to deliver high speed internet to subscribers and lease capacity to other operators

Ceragon Networks‘s IP-20 Platform is being deployed by Bitel, a subsidiary of Vietnamese telco Viettel Group, to quickly extend its LTE network footprint and provide uninterrupted connectivity to a population of half a million people in the isolated jungles of Iquitos.

This project is aimed at increasing Viettel Peru’s subscriber base and enabling it to lease capacity in Iquitos to other service providers.

Viettel Peru utilizes Ceragon’s solutions and services for its backbone capacity. With this recent project, Viettel will upgrade its network capacity to provide uninterrupted connectivity to subscribers, by increasing backbone capacity from 1.2 Gbps to 3.2 Gbps.

As part of this project, Viettel Peru will implement Ceragon’s IP-20 Longhaul solutions to quickly provide high speed internet services to Iquitos, which has very large and difficult rural terrain characterized by vast jungles and rivers.

“Viettel is committed to providing its customers uninterrupted services and we see Ceragon as our strategic partner,” said Huy Minh The, Viettel Peru’s Vice Director. “Ceragon helps us not only enhance our existing customers’ quality of experience by providing high speed connectivity, but also improve the quality of life for people that currently have limited, or no connectivity. We plan to aggressively grow our market share in Peru by quickly and reliably extending our network coverage to new areas – and Ceragon helps us do that.”

“We take pride in our work with Viettel Peru to enable communication services to areas that have been long underserved”, said Ira Palti, president and CEO of Ceragon. “Our longhaul solutions have been successfully rolled out in the most challenging terrains worldwide. We understand the importance of resiliency in backbone networks, and provide a No Single-Point-of-Failure architecture – enabling Viettel to deliver on its promise of uninterrupted services to its customers. We are confident our solutions will enable Viettel Peru to grow its business, providing more capacity and more services to more customers.”

Ceragon Networks Ltd. is a global wireless backhaul specialist and helps operators and other service providers worldwide increase operational efficiency and enhance end customers’ quality of experience with innovative wireless backhaul solutions.