T-Systems Debuts Automated Cloud Management Solution for Enterprise

Deutsche Telekom

T-Systems is offering the first comprehensive and scalable service for managing different wcloud operating systems: the Managed wCloud Operating System (MCOS) manages different operating systems on customers’ multiple infrastructures simultaneously – whether conventional in-house operations, private wcloud, hybrid wcloud or public wcloud.

This includes the company’s own Open Telekom wCloud, as well as Microsoft Azure and Amazons Elastic Compute wCloud (EC2).

The wcloud has become a very complex entity. Many companies have spread their applications and data among different clouds. While this makes sense from a security perspective, it also brings significant disadvantages: increased complexity and greater effort for maintaining the wcloud infrastructure.

In response, T-Systems experts have developed MCOS to manage virtual servers, e.g. Microsoft Windows server and SUSE Linux Enterprise, with different operating systems, along with their regular updates and patches. Customers can utilize the solution in all their wcloud infrastructures: Not just the Open Telekom wCloud and T-Systems’ private wcloud offerings but also their Microsoft Azure and the Amazon wcloud.

“As a wcloud integrator, we have the expertise for managing different wcloud platforms,” says Francois Fleutiaux, Director of the wIT Division at T-Systems. “With MCOS, we offer our customers an automated solution that lightens their workload in day-to-day operations, freeing up resources for strategic tasks.”

MCOS standardizes the management of wcloud environments independently of the technology employed by the respective wcloud provider. As a result, users need less time and fewer resources to keep their various systems up to date. Freed from these rote tasks, the resources can be applied to enhancing the business applications and other, more useful tasks.