Vietnamese mobile operator set to implement Jet Toolbar


Jet Infosystems, together with its Vietnamese partner, OSP Corporation, will install the advanced in-browser notifications solution called Jet Toolbar in one of Vietnam’s top mobile operators.

With its help, the operator will be able to increase profits by providing subscribers with Value Added Services (VAS).

Developed by Jet Infosystems, Jet Toolbar is a powerful subscriber engagement solution that performs deeply targeted, precise and very advanced subscriber segmentation and traffic management, thereby allowing operator to display information panels on web pages being viewed by subscribers in mobile network.

Broad functionality with modular solution design, successful installations in several major telecom operators and vast expertise of Jet specialists – these factors put Jet Toolbar far ahead of the competition. Experience in major telecom operators shows that the average click-through rate (CTR) of Jet Toolbar ads is approximately 9%. CTR increases to over 15% when implementing advanced subscriber targeting tools that Jet Toolbar offers. These numbers are significantly higher than the average CTR of 0,5% for typical internet banners.

Currently, the VAS market in Vietnam is based mostly on standard communication channels between operators and subscribers – SMS and MMS. Jet Toolbar provides the completely new channel for engagement with subscribers and this will certainly be a significant competitive advantage for the operator, especially considering rapid growth of active mobile internet users and increasing growth of 4G coverage in Vietnam.

Telecom operators today cannot survive if they provide only basic communication services. Operators need to introduce additional sources of profit, and this, first of all, means subscribers who purchase additional services.

“Jet Toolbar allows operators to offer such services with high level of relevance– to the right people, at the right time and in the right place, to increase the chances that services will indeed be purchased by subscribers. Our experience also shows that this tool allows operators to successfully compete with OTT-providers that offer their services over operators’ networks, and even with advertising agencies, – says Elena Fominskaya, Director of the Center of Telecommunications Products and Solutions, Jet Infosystems. – When our customers start to better understand functionality of Jet Toolbar, they usually generate lots of new ideas about how this solution can be monetized and what new functionality can be added. We always welcome such initiatives in every possible way and we are always ready to work together with operators to help them develop their business.”

“We are confident to work with Jet in this significant telecom project in Vietnam, – says Lê Quang Dũng, General Director of OSP Corporation. – This is the first phase of the multifaceted long-term project, currently covering Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh regions. In the second phase, we plan to triple the number of subscribers who will be served by Jet Toolbar, as well as introduce new unique and exciting functionalities that are not offered by any such solution on the market. OSP telecom experience, combined with Jet expertise, will ensure successful implementation of Jet Toolbar in this project. We are confident that this will pave way to new and innovative projects for OSP and Jet in Vietnam”.